Biotechnology Awards 2023

29 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 When it comes to drug research, less than 10% of clinical trials actually end up being successful. Though failure is unavoidable, NetTargets can drastically decrease the risk of drug failures in clinical trials by adopting a more strategic approach to discovering the right therapeutic strategy for the job. With its award-winning strategies, NetTargets is well on its way to accomplishing this ambitious goal. Most Innovative Drug Discovery Company 2023 - East Asia hrough the utilization of AI-enhanced systems biology to revolutionize drug discovery and development, NetTargets has been able to find novel drug targets and lead first-in-class drug development. Its cutting-edge technology, which combines AI with systems biology, has dramatically accelerated drug development since its inception. Jongho Baek, CEO and Co-Founder, says, “NetTargets utilizes AI to enhance its expertise in systems biology and improve its drug development capabilities.” “NetTargets has developed a computational modeling methodology that mimics the complex biological processes to understand and analyze the causal relationships in the regulatory networks in a human body. It achieves the methodology by building mathematical models that facilitate dynamics analysis to clarify hidden feedback or crosstalk in signaling cascades in biological networks.” By using these models, NetTargets can gain a deeper understanding of the regulatory networks that underlie disease and drug response, which can inform drug discovery and development efforts. The team understands how crucial systematic analysis is for the succession of drug discovery and development and has dedicated everything to this discovery process – in order to innovate the drug discovery and development process sphere in a way that is not often seen within the industry. Jongho tells us more about its Ntrophy platform: “Ntrophy consists of three other platforms, a proprietary database N-DB (NetTargets Database), N-MAP (NetTargets Mechanism Analysis Platform) to identify new novel target(s), and N-CAP (NetTargets Compound Analysis Platform) to predict physico-chemical properties and produce promising compound candidates for the control of the resulted targets from N-MAP. The integration of these platforms streamlines the drug discovery process and accelerates the identification of potential therapeutics for various diseases.” By using its platform to consider all interactions between drug targets, such as disease-related genes and proteins, NetTargets can identify patterns and focus on the most effective methods to achieve its goals by taking a comprehensive approach to drug research. With over 20 years of systems biology research, NetTargets has been able to develop an efficient and effective approach to drug discovery and development. It provides interpretable predictions for drug discovery that are unparalleled in the field, and none of it would be possible without the brilliant team behind it. Thanks to a constant collection of data and meaningful linking within its research, NetTargets is consistently expanding its knowledge. By prioritizing the integration of data and knowledge, NetTargets can improve the efficiency and accuracy of its drug discovery efforts, ultimately leading to the development of novel therapeutics for various diseases. In addition to its current feats, NetTargets has also begun to specialize in the development of a simulation technique, in which it is able to reflect the causal nature of biological networks. By constantly improving its methods and technologies, NetTargets aims to continue to lead the way in drug discovery and development. Jehoon Song, CITO and Co-Founder, comments, “NetTargets recognizes the complexity involved in the drug development process, which requires a series of decisionmaking processes. As such, it has been able to cultivate an interpretable prediction that provides reliable and accurate information, allowing decisions to be made with the utmost certainty and accuracy possible.” Its determined team of computer engineers, mathematicians, biologists, chemists, and many more, have become a network of professionals who understand how to create systematic approaches to understand complex biological systems. This collaboration between its team and trusted partners has ultimately led NetTargets to a more efficient and effective treatment strategy for today – and the future beyond. For instance, NetTargets’ innovative approach to drug discovery and development has enabled it to discover new ways of targeting specific cells while avoiding impacting normal cells. The team identifies tailored targets within the signaling network that can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells without affecting normal cells. NetTargets’ innovative approach, which utilizes AI-enhanced systems biology, has successfully reduced the failure rate of drug development. The team’s dedication to efficient and promising drug discovery and development has resulted in unparalleled, interpretable predictions in the field. With its focus on eradicating mishaps and developing drugs that can better combat diseases, NetTargets serves as a cornerstone for other drug companies and an innovative leader in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Contact: Jongho Baek / [email protected] Company: NetTargets Inc. Web Address: T Feb23014