Biotechnology Awards 2023

30 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 Drug development solution partner Altasciences can reduce drug development timelines by up to 40%. By integrating and synchronizing all phases of the process, the company helps ensure that life-transforming medicines reach the market faster, saving its clients time and money in the process. We speak with company CEO, Chris Perkin, to learn more about Altasciences’ evolution and the services it offers today. Best Global CRO/CDMO 2023 ltasciences has been partnering with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and emerging biopharma companies to support educated, faster, and more complete development decisions for over 25 years. Offering a proven, adaptable approach to early-phase drug development, the company works as a flexible and attentive extension to its clients’ teams. The company started out as a clinical contract research organisation (CRO) focused on generic drug development in Canada. Chris explains, “We learnt more about what the industry wanted and needed, which was a more simplified, integrated, one-stop solution for drug development. We began making moves to become that solution. We began acquiring CROs that specialised in different areas of early-phase drug development, and later added a CDMO. To date, Altasciences has nine facilities across Canada and the United States, supporting discovery, non-clinical safety assessment, clinical pharmacology and proof of concept, bioanalysis, formulation and manufacturing.” Compared to its competitors, Altasciences is a true one-stop solution in the early phase sector. The company’s mission is to offer its clients a simple outsourcing solution that focuses on customer service. Committed to helping its clients reach critical decision-making milestones sooner, its ultimate goal is to get better drugs to the people who need them, faster. Chris says, “At Altasciences, we move in unison. Our teams are cross-disciplinary, and work side by side on client projects. The synergy amongst all departments at Altasciences and with our clients allows us to maximise opportunities for success. We anticipate potential project-specific hurdles for our clients and are quick to find solutions. We can see where a project is heading, and prepare clients for what’s next. This results in a seamless drug development journey.” As a strategic partner, it’s essential for Altasciences to remain fully abreast of regulatory changes and ensure compliance. Chris says, “We follow guidelines from regulatory agencies including the US FDA, Health Canada, the UK’s MHRA, Europe’s EMA, and Japan’s PMDA. “Altasciences maintains a corporate quality assurance (QA) team at all sites with QA staff reporting to the Chief Quality and Compliance Officer for Altasciences. Our QA leadership team has over 20 years of experience and is involved in the regulatory QA community.” To meet the ever-evolving needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry over the past 13 years, Altasciences has increased its capacity and expanded its comprehensive service offering. Starting from a single base in Montreal, and using a combination of acquisitions, in-house facility expansions, and organic growth strategies, the company now boasts services in Kansas City, Seattle, Laval, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Scranton, Columbia, and Sacramento, as well as an office in Harrogate, England. Altasciences’ plans for this year include the completion of a new 53,000 sq ft building at its CDMO facility in Philadelphia and a significant expansion of its bioanalytical lab facility in Columbia. Contact: Chris Perkin Company: Altasciences Web Address: A Jan23131