Biotechnology Awards 2024

11 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2024 Feb24553 Occurring when the cells in the breast mutate, become cancerous, and form tumors, breast cancer is the second highest cause of death, highest cancer related cause of death, and most common form of cancer in women across the world. However, when the disease is identified in its earliest stages, almost all individuals with breast cancer survive for five years or more. This makes its prompt detection incredibly important, for which mammography is currently most routinely used. Another factor that is important when it comes to decreasing the number of deaths caused by breast cancer is being able to effectively treat the disease. Thus far, there has been encouraging progress made in this area. Most of the drugs available target the endocrine or growth factor receptors, making them effective for the treatment of estrogen/progesterone receptor (ER/PR) positive and HER2 positive breast cancers. However, triple negative breast cancer, which accounts for about 10 to 15 percent of all breast cancers, lacks all of these receptors. This makes existing target-based therapies ineffective, resulting in poor survival rates and high levels of recurrence. In addition to its lack of ER/PR and HER2 receptors, the manifestation of triple negative breast cancer is associated with complex heterogeneity and ethnic disparity, which further complicates its treatment options. Consequently, there is an urgent need to identify molecular targets that are receptor independent and develop effective therapies that target the cell proliferation machinery of cancer cells. Raadysan Biotech’s purpose is to fulfil this need. The company has identified a unique biomarker for triple negative breast cancer that is endocrine and growth receptor independent and directly involved in all stages of cell proliferation. Alongside this, it has also identified a drug lead that directly inhibits the target, thereby selectively killing cancer cells by necroptosis. As a result of these discoveries, Raadysan Biotech is able to develop both therapeutics as well as companion diagnostic kits. Raadysan Biotech’s biomarker will serve as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for the detection of not only triple negative breast cancer but also other gynecological cancers like ovarian, uterine, and cervical. It also has the potential to detect blood cancers like acute and chronic myeloid leukemia. Furthermore, with a predictive pathway, the biomarker will overcome the issues of physician doubt and payers’ reluctance. Moreover, Raadysan Biotech’s drug lead directly targets the DNA replication and proliferation machinery of the cancer cells, causing them to die by necroptosis. This prevents them from both regrowing and developing resistance. However, the treatment does not directly damage the DNA, selectively targeting only cancer cells to allow adjacent normal cells to repair and regrow. Furthermore, being receptor independent, Raadysan Biotech’s drug will serve as an Situated in New York, Raadysan Biotech, Inc. is a woman-owned biotechnology company involved in the research and development of highly differentiated therapies and diagnostic tools for triple negative breast cancer. Here, we dive deeper into the organization’s work as it is recognized for its unparalleled innovation in our Biotechnology Awards 2024. Most Visionary Woman-Owned Biotech Company 2024 - USA effective therapy for all sub-types of triple negative breast cancer and can even be an effective alternate treatment for apoptotic resistant cancer cells. The ingenious mind behind Raadysan Biotech’s incredible work is CEO and President Rakhee Gupte, MS, PhD, a seasoned scientist with over two decades of academic and pharmaceutical experience in the fields of microbiology, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, and immunology. Throughout her impressive career, she has obtained five US patents and published over 20 abstracts and 21 full-length publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Gupte’s research includes identifying the mechanisms involved in the stalling of DNA replication and cytokinesis in adult rat cardiac myocytes. She has also played a role in the identification of several novel signaling pathways involved in DNA replication, mitosis, and cytokinesis in cancer cells, leading to the discovery of unique molecular targets for therapeutic intervention. Over the years, Dr. Gupte’s groundbreaking work has led her to receive numerous accolades for her academic achievements. Today, at Raadysan Biotech, Dr. Gupte stands at the helm of an exceptional team of scientists, clinicians, advisors, and managers, whose visionary outlook has driven the revolutionary discoveries reflected in the company’s portfolio. Thanks to their remarkable work, the organization has been named Most Visionary WomanOwned Biotech Company, USA, in the Biotechnology Awards 2024. Considering its discoveries thus far, there is no doubt that Raadysan Biotech looks towards a bright future, and we look forward to seeing what its future holds. Contact: Rakhee Gupte Company: Raadysan Biotech, Inc. Web Address: