Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 11 , Jan21277 As the global leader inCannabis Education, it seems incredible thatMedicalMarijuana 411 never directly interacts with cannabis plantmaterial. Instead, it is an organization that has been dedicated to education since its inception, diligently providing trusted online resources for a vast array of topics withinmedical cannabis formore than a decade.We speak to Co-Founder and CEO ChristineNazarenus, who tells usmore about standing out in a busy and exciting industry. Best Global Cannabis Education Company 2020 Established in 2009, Medical Marijuana 411 (MM411 Inc) was one of the first online resources for medical cannabis education and, to this day, remains among the most trusted in its field. Built from a community of physicians, patients and researchers, MM411 Inc strives to be the best online education platform, offering peer- reviewed research in unbiased expertise on a myriad of topics within marijuana education for established medical professionals, patients, and those entering the industry. Medical Marijuana 411 proudly offers more accredited courses worldwide, more than any other competitor, with ACCME accreditations in courses for medical professionals and a Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation from the American Medical Association (AMA) for the AMA PRA Category 1 credits.(TM) “Medical Marijuana 411 is the very first medical marijuana education provider to offer online, enduring CME, CPE and CNE courses to Physicians, Pharmacists and Nurses and approved for more US state required certifications than any other cannabis education company in the world,” states Christine Nazarenus, Co-Founder and CEO of Medical Marijuana 411, proudly. The commitment to medical cannabis is not one that has been born from a history in sourcing, manufacturing, or distributing cannabis plant material or products, but from a passion for education and storytelling. “Education has always been our focus and we began by telling the patient story,” says Christine. “Our key founders (and now global partners) all had patients within their families that used medical cannabis with a very positive outcome. That ‘storytelling’ resonated with people and we found our company with a very loyal social media following of more than 1 million.” Already offering an unparalleled range of courses and programs on Medical Cannabis and ailment specific topics, and working with Springer Publishing to produce credible, research-based textbooks for medical professionals, Medical Marijuana 411 is continuing to expand through advancing technology and industry insight. “COVID-19 pushed us to look at the world and the need for cannabis education and what we found, is the world is small,” Christine tells us. “We could connect via different means to offer webinars and blended learning opportunities to combine online education with live instruction.” The expansion of Medical Marijuana 411’s digital and live streamed offerings as add-ons is contributing to the vital growth of the firm’s community, both in knowledge, connectivity and geography. MM411 Inc has launched in Japan, Europe and France with core courses translated into Japanese and French, and in Africa alongside Cheeba Africa, as the first cannabis education platform on the continent. “Each partner [has] brought a unique perspective of additional course offerings,” says Christine of MM411 Inc’s global network. “With Kurt Hahn, President and Managing Director of Asian Operations, we developed certifications based on Hemp & Wellness and a Hemp Curator’s Course endorsed by the Taima Museum. Our Japanese Medical Certifications are endorsed by the Japanese Clinical Association of Cannabinoids. Bryan Schell, Managing Director of our European Operations, is working with government authorities in France to develop the optimal curriculum for medical professionals and to be endorsed by multiple European Medical Entities. Cheeba Africa is developing a series of horticulture courses and as COVID-19 lifts, will be offering a blended learning experience with a campus location outside of Johannesburg. With Trenton Birch, Cheeba Africa, we were able to receive accreditation by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa for our Medical Professional Certification.” “The benefits are really simple and our courses are based on the science, the research behind the plant. Every day we hear from a patient whose life has been positively impacted because of cannabis. On the difficult days, that drives me. Medical Marijuana 411 is making a difference,” says Christine. Medical Marijuana 411 will be offering courses in Spanish and Portuguese for Mexico and Latin America meeting the cannabis educational requirements for medical professionals, those entering the new economy and working with government officials to ensure the training meets their requirements. Unwaveringly committed to enhancing the Medical Marijuana 411 platform for its community, Christine takes great pride in its vast network of like-minded individuals: “Every single person who is an advisor, a global partner, a team member...well, we care. This business comes from the heart.” Contact: Christine Nazarenus, CEO & Founder Company: Medical Marijuana 411 Web Addresses: & (is coming soon)