Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

12 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 , Dec20414 CTInstruments is on amission tomake cannabis testing simple and affordable. Producing compact, low-cost high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instruments for analysis of cannabinoids, CTInstruments is combatting inaccurate testing across the industry caused by poor access to high-quality equipment. Through thorough research and insight into this flourishing industry, CTInstruments presents experts and nonprofessionals alike with Cannabis Testing Simplified. Best Cannabinoids Potency Testing Solutions Manufacturer - North America CTInstruments is a leading manufacturer of HPLC instruments for the analysis of cannabinoids that focuses on creating accurate, commercial-grade instruments to be used by analytical labs, as well as affordable and simple enough to be used by anyone with minimal to no knowledge or experience in chemical analysis. At the moment, testing in the medical marijuana industry is faced with two significant challenges; high costs of anywhere from $100 to $250 per test caused by high capital costs of apparatus paired with the need for trained and educated staff, and the inundation of the market with alternative testing technologies that are presented as viable and accurate, with no evidence to support these claims. The results are seen in high profile cases of products being pulled from shelves and triggering lawsuits regarding inaccurate cannabinoid content listed on products. Customers are therefore unable to trust in the composition of the products they use, with significant impacts on the cannabis industry. CTInstruments is part of a movement to provide widespread access to the accurate and low-cost instruments that would help to boost good practices and retain customer confidence in the industry, by improving quality control, growing practices and genetics, extraction, blending and packaging processes, and inspection. CTInstruments’ HPLC equipment, which offers proven accuracy and simplicity allowing testing to be accomplished in-house, is a revolution in the industry, enabling access to tests that cost around $5 and do not require 3rd party commercial labs. Design choices that prioritize simplicity of instruments more than larger brand competitors enable CTInstruments to achieve significantly lower costs, whilst still retaining the same high- quality standards of testing and the ability to measure hemp or cannabis cannabinoids in flower, concentrates, extracts, isolates, edibles. Following similar processes and methods as the more expensive testing brands, CTInstruments currently separates and measures eleven major cannabinoids. However, breaking them down into simpler, transparent methodologies that don’t function as black-box solutions, has made CTInstruments the favored choice of hemp farmers, cannabinoids products toll blenders and manufacturers, as well as consulting firms and entrepreneurs setting up analytical labs across the globe. To maintain high-standards in the delivery of a product that is accessible to all requires consistent diversity of thought and a profound understanding and appreciation for its industry. CTInstruments is an organizational member of ASTM and participates in the ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis contributing to the development and standardization of hemp and cannabis testing methods. The firm also knows that many of its clients do not have backgrounds in science and that the reason they work with CTInstruments is because they can rely on the firm for professionalism and jargon-free advice. Balancing profound technical acumen with complete respect for customers and its industry, CTInstruments continues to be a valued partner to individuals and businesses across the medical marijuana industry. To that end, CTInstruments strives to constantly stay at the cutting-edge of research, so as to be up-to-date with industry trends and customer habits. These insights have been vital to the firm’s development of new products and processes, such as several automation projects that are currently in the works to provide customers a fully-automated testing experience at low costs. Other projects include broadening the capabilities of its instruments to complement its potency testing abilities by introducing additional tests such as mycotoxins and terpenes, which would expand clients’ in-house capabilities whilst maintaining the signature affordability of the CTInstruments offering. Finally, in honoring its commitments to transparency across its own operations and the industry as a whole, CTInstruments is pioneering the Strain Transparency Project, which develops and shares publicly cannabinoids potency testing across various strains. Customers are therefore able to see real, measured values, giving them back the confidence to purchase products that are honest and accurate. As such, CTInstruments is at the helm of a vital effort to boost the medical marijuana industry, making high- quality testing accessible to all. Company: CTInstruments Ltd. Contact: Dusan Kuzma Website: