Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 13 , Jan21014 Strongbox Security Services is a premier, fully licensed, bonded and insured security company that brings more than a century of combined experience in LawEnforcement, U.S. Military, Homeland Security andmore to protect its clients. Founder and CEO Paul Maria tells us more about his award-winning firmand its mission to protect what matters most to clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Best Cannabis Security Specialists - New England Operating across Massachusetts, Strongbox Security Services, LLC is the state’s premier, top-tier security guard and investigations firm. The team, comprising security professionals from an array of backgrounds that include Law Enforcement, SWAT, U.S. Military, Homeland Security and the TSA, is highly trained to a standard that far surpasses the requirements of Massachusetts Municipal Police Officers. With the support of the Strongbox team, clients are able to ‘trust the best to protect what matters most’. At the helm of its strong team of security professionals is Strongbox CEO and Founder, Paul Maria, a former Narcotics Detective and Patrol Sergeant, who recognized a deficiency in the standard of most security ‘professionals’. Bringing the work ethic, strict values, and dedication that he had accrued throughout his career to a new venture, Paul founded Strongbox with a vision to raise the standard of the profession throughout the state of Massachusetts. Building on integrity, value and professionalism, Paul created an award-winning firm that does not permit mediocracy. Recruits are accepted on the basis that they are hard-working, dependable, adaptable and even-tempered, as well as friendly and approachable. For certain services such as on cannabis sites, team members are required to be customer- service oriented, and the whole team constantly strives to deliver excellence, acting as frontline ambassadors for their clients and letting them know that they are in safe, professional hands. To enhance their prior security- oriented experience, obtained before joining the ranks at Strongbox, the team also goes through rigorous and regular training, with some specialist programs for skillsets such as firearms, de-escalation techniques, and report writing. For Paul and his management team, it is vital that every member of the Strongbox team is always in prime condition. Offering a range of services across a myriad of industries such as the film and TV industry, manufacturing, education, transportation, medical and government, Strongbox also specializes in security for the cannabis industry. Having seen first-hand the devastating effects that cancer had to close family members and friends and the multitude of benefits of cannabis in easing that devastation, Paul has long been an advocate for its legalization and medical use throughout Massachusetts and beyond. “The inherent stigma involved with cannabis is beginning to lessen as the years progress,” says Paul. “Here in Massachusetts, cannabis is becoming an accepted industry very quickly. As the months and years progress, we will see this industry fully legitimized and cannabis will be included in each state’s economic plan.” Consequently, Strongbox maintains a close eye on trends and developments in the industry so as to stay relevant and up- to-date with the best practices in protecting this burgeoning commodity. With its close ties to the law enforcement and security industry, Strongbox ensures it is always at the top of its game, giving clients across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the confidence to trust in its team to protect what matters most to them. Company: Strongbox Security Services, LLC Contact: Founder/CEO Paul Maria Website: