Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

4 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 , Sinsemilla LLC is amedical cannabis company dedicated to the promotion of its budding industry in Puerto Rico. Having grown fromone facility to four in less than five years, there is no doubt that Sinsemilla is on a dynamic path to success and its recognition as the Best Medical Cannabis Production Company in the Caribbean is further testament to that excellence. We take a closer look at the fast-growing firmas it leads the revolution in the medical cannabis revolution. Best Medical Cannabis Production Company - Caribbean Since 2017, Sinsemilla LLC has been leading the campaign against the taboo and negative perceptions in Puerto Rico that have engulfed the cannabis industry for decades, opening up a whole new world of holistic wellness through production, distribution and guidance within medical marijuana. Its passion and determination are undoubtedly paying off, as the family-run business has grown from a single licensed manufacturing facility to an enterprise that spans three – soon to be four- dispensaries in San Juan, Guayama and Coamo. Dedicated to the manufacture and retail of cannabis products, Sinsemilla has long been up against an aging population with religious, highly conservative principles that disapprove of cannabis for its narcotic qualities. However, the firm is beginning to feel a change in momentum, with many states across the US beginning to embrace their right to explore and benefit from cannabis in its many forms. This shift marks an exciting step in the evolution of Sinsemilla and its affiliates, as it begins to see its vast industry legitimized. Dec20455 Previously, the stigma and connotations around marijuana, even as a medicine, meant that businesses within most jurisdictions did not view cannabis enterprises with much sincerity or even respect. This leads to a myriad of concerns within business services, with issues arising in banking, human resources, merchant servicing and beyond. The limited banking options have proven particularly problematic for Sinsemilla in its growth, with the payment of government-related obligations and private sector services putting financial pressures on the organization. However, Sinsemilla is leading the way in establishing the cannabis industry by providing its end users with the legitimate relief they are seeking, as it is the consumer who has the true power in the legitimacy of an industry. Consequently, with people around the world taking greater concern in their own health and wellbeing as a result of the pandemic, the rise in demand for medical cannabis and its capacity for providing wellness, balance, and higher standards of living has seen cannabis break into the mainstream. Indeed, medical cannabis was categorized as an essential business worldwide throughout the pandemic, providing excellent leverage for the industry’s sanctioned position in the medical field. With this exciting step forward for its industry, Sinsemilla is optimistic about a future in which Puerto Rico joins many other jurisdictions in the legalization of recreational uses of cannabis too. This inevitable shift will bring about some uncertainties over whether the medical cannabis industry will be nurtured by the State or be sidelined – either way, Sinsemilla will be at the forefront of its field, providing well-informed advice to regulators with effective insights on how best to move their industry forwards. Fortunately, the family at the heart of Sinsemilla are united in their dedication to improving the cannabis industry. This family extends beyond the owners of the organization to include all its employees, their patients, vendors and more that are drawn to Sinsemilla for its people- centric approach to improving the lives and wellbeing of all. There are five core values that drive the company and its team: Professionalism, Profound Knowledge, Initiative, Empathy and Client Experience. The last, but by no means the least, of these values is where Sinsemilla takes the greatest pride, offering inimitable hospitality and a memorable, welcoming visit each time a client or patient calls upon any one of its dispensaries. Combined with affordable costs, the excellence in customer service has been instrumental in positioning Sinsemilla at the pinnacle of its industry. As such, Sinsemilla relies on its teams across Puerto Rico and accordingly recruits individuals who understand and respect the company’s core values and embed them within their day-to- day operations. A commitment to going the extra mile for patients and customers is essential, but the work environment otherwise is a relaxed, easy- going atmosphere that values its team. By investing in the training and development of every staff member, Sinsemilla is able to see the growth of its team translate into the enhancement of its operations overall, in particular within its customer and patient service experience. Accordingly, with the addition of new dispensaries comes