Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 5 new opportunities for career progression; the Sinsemilla team are always prioritized for these new positions. In return, Sinsemilla is able to learn from the experiences and opinions of its team to evolve as a whole to become an even stronger enterprise. As a result, Sinsemilla is able to look ahead to an ambitious future empowered by a combination of the company’s profound industry expertise and research into new advances within the medical cannabis industry. Staying constantly ahead of the evolution through education and taking sensible, strategic risks, Sinsemilla is able to move forward with its industry to boost wellness and health of patients across Puerto Rico. To that end, Sinsemilla is currently exploring the capacities of technology for its business, working on a means to integrate technological innovation with the artisan approaches to its products that is highly valued by customers. There is little doubt that Sinsemilla will be able to achieve the marriage of these two exceptional attributes in its service offering in the weeks and months ahead, as the company’s dedicated drive to deliver excellence to patients will ensure its success. Moreover, with the opening of a new dispensary in Juana Diaz and new Grow Facilities in development, as well as a 20,000 square foot indoor cultivation facility in the Municipality of Arroyo in South Puerto Rico in the works, we are certainly able to expect big things from Sinsemilla. Its recognition at the GHP News: Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 may be the company’s first award so far, but it will definitely not be its last. Company: Sinsemilla LLC Contact: Benjamin Richiusa Website: Best Medical Cannabis Production Company - Caribbean