Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

6 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 , Dec20589 Founded in 2013, Agriscience Labs is the leading ISO-accredited cannabis and hemp testing laboratory in Colorado. Following its well-deserved success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020, we got in touchwith CEO Frank Traylor to find out more. Best Cannabis &Hemp Testing Laboratory - Western USA Based in Denver, Agriscience Labs aim to provide optimal testing science to the industry using its state-of-the-art instruments and outstanding knowledge. To start, Frank gives us a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “Agriscience Labs is certified to provide testing in the regulated cannabis market. Growers and manufacturers of cannabis products are required to adhere to Colorado state regulations to ensure of product quality, consistency, and safety.” “Agriscience is the longest standing licensed cannabis laboratory in the industry, leveraging its deep experience to ensure that its results are both precise and accurate. With our customers demanding efficiency, a quick testing turnaround is often one of the keys to our success. Naturally then, our customers expect open and honest real-time communication. Firstly, our systems enable our clients to get us information so our scientists can relate results and issues instantly. Moreover, these systems further provide direct communication between our scientists and clients. By engaging with customers, our scientists can suggest ways of optimising their processes for consistent products and to reduce any harmful contaminants.” With cannabis science evolving very quickly, Agriscience Labs is careful to select its science staff as they play a crucial role in the testing of cannabis as Frank goes on to explain. “In order to challenge not only the existing science in the industry but also our own, our scientists must be inquisitive and communicate with each other so assumptions can be challenged, and new solutions can be found. Additionally, they must trust our customers as many producers have a great deal of experience in cannabis. Working together with our customers is a great opportunity for synergy and pushing the frontiers of cannabis science. When it comes to recruitment, we look for people who are very intelligent, egoless, and great communicators.” In its attempts to remain at the forefront of emerging developments, the firm has a rather meticulous approach in this regard as Frank explains further. “By constantly reviewing external regulatory and scientific developments, we ensure of consistency with the determined testing standards. While forging our own path in service and science, we aim to provide our customers with insights that are both valuable and unique.” Operating in the cannabis testing arena can be a challenging experience, however as Frank points out, the firm’s experience and its working relationships has allowed Agriscience Labs to distance themselves from the closest competition. “Testing methods vary across states and even within states causing inconsistent results between laboratories. The regulatory environment is evolving to ensure that producers provide consistent test samples and labs provide consistent results. That said, the rapidly changing regulatory environment is quite challenging for labs and they must be extremely nimble in staying compliant with regulations. Agriscience leverages its many years of experience and relationships to identify the trends and regulatory changes that emerge from month to month. This is a competitive advantage as our customers rely on Agriscience to ensure their products pass all regulatory requirements.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the firm has managed to prosper during the pandemic thanks to its commitment to innovation as Frank explains further. “Here at Agriscience, we have implemented new systems that will provide us advantages into the future. Utilising remote connectivity, web systems and distributed communications, we can now perform our analyses, communicate internally and externally, as well as keeping our business services active 24/7.” Finally, Frank discusses some of the recent projects the firm has been involved in before commenting on its future prospects. “Recently, we have developed a cannabis analytics system that provides us insights into cannabinoid profiles, potency trending, relationships of various terpenes, and many other variables. With over 1.6 million records and several years of testing data, this system is a gold mine for ourselves and our customers in determining the trends in cannabis production. Moving forward, if we can maintain our reputation which we have worked tremendously hard to achieve, then 2021 and beyond should look very positive for Agriscience Labs.” Company: Agriscience Labs, Inc. Contact: Frank Traylor Website: