Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 7 , Dec20533 CBD Logistics is a leading Swiss provider to national and international markets of socio-legally approved female inflorescences of Hemp Sativa L. with high CBD content. Having carefully curated a selection of products with variations of the CBD genetic specifications, CBD Logistics is able to celebrate worldwide acclaim for the proven health benefits of its offering. Best Legal Hemp & Surrogates Products Manufacturer - Switzerland Established in early 2017, in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, CBD Logistics was founded with a vision to provide an alternative, natural means of support for people seeking inspiration and joy, making a valuable difference to the lives of customers internationally. In doing so, CBD Logistics is contributing to the evolution of the world’s perception of hemp and its uses, making it more accessible to all and helping users to achieve a higher standard of living. Grown in Switzerland with the stamp of a Swiss Quality guarantee, CBD Logistics provides female inflorescences of Hemp Sativa L. with high CBD content and a law-compliant THC content. From muscle recovery to anxiety relief, the relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been proven to have a myriad of health benefits, which continues to increase with the ongoing research carried out by the CBD Logistics team into cultivation, quality, and uses. With both physical and mental health taking greater precedence in the world’s day-to-day considerations and alternative medicines increasing in demand, CBD Logistics’ high- quality products and meticulous research is equally becoming more and more sought after. As a result, CBD Logistics has become a trusted reference partner for end-users, distributor- resellers and wholesalers in the hemp CBD market. The company’s services divide into two key branches: distribution and advisory. The distribution channel works with retail supply websites and physical stores in addition to wholesalers and distributors across an international market, whilst the advisory division offers consultancy in everything from production to logistics, packaging to laboratory analysis. By welcoming partners into the innovative and growing market of CBD, CBD Logistics opens up new opportunities in its international network that supports businesses as they strive towards quality and continuity for customers. With CBD Logistics by their side, new and existing businesses are able to continuously adapt and evolve to the market by staying in the know regarding information and acquiring new skills, thanks to an even quality to price ratio. Ultimately, it is the customer and clients that exist at the centre of CBD Logistics’ motivations, alongside a roster of other core values; a passionate curiosity to push research further, autonomy, sustainability in all aspects of operations and lifestyles, a sense of team, a devotion to continuous improvement, and a personal duty to adhere to these values. Together, the team observes regular training and collaboration that enables more fields of research to be explored and the customer experience to be enhanced. The result is an award-winning firm that is this year celebrating success at the GHP News: Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 as the Best Legal Hemp & Surrogates Products Manufacturer in Switzerland. Propelled by the momentum of this recognition, CBD Logistics is able to look ahead with optimism and ambition as it continues its market-leading innovation and research into life of a higher quality. Company: CBD Logistics Website: