Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

8 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 , Dec20431 CBD Embrace, owned by Liquid Creations Ltd, has grown in only a few years to become the UK’s leading and largest manufacturer of CBD products, providing a comprehensive selection of oils, vape, skincare and edibles. Offering amyriad of health benefits, CBD Embrace products have been createdwith a single vision inmind: to help asmany people as possible, nomatter the cost. Best CBD Products Manufacturer - UK When a family member of Moheet and Ankush Vij became ill with cancer several years ago, the brothers quickly sourced and imported CBD from the US to produce CBD oil that could work alongside traditional chemotherapy to help their loved one on her year-long road to recovery. Having seen the beneficial effects of the product, the pair continued to explore the CBD industry, using the entrepreneurial spirit they had inherited from their father to open CBD Embrace, owned by Liquid Creations Ltd. Using the purest form of CBD that is CO2-extracted and manufactured in the US, CBD Embrace’s collection spans more than a hundred products, including superior quality CBD oils, Vape, Skincare and Edibles, all THC-free. Boasting numerous health benefits such as pain and anxiety relief in addition to cancer treatment, CBD Embrace’s products have also been highly valued by customers throughout the tough current climates of Covid-19, when stress is a seemingly ever-present feature. Today, CBD Embrace is the largest manufacturer of CBD in the UK, an impressive feat that the family-run company has achieved in only a matter of years. All products are manufactured in the firm’s state- of-the-art facility in Northern Ireland in clean rooms built for purpose to ensure the highest standards. Quality is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certification and the brand’s genuine respect for clients and their wellbeing is what drives Moheet, Ankush and their teams in Northern Ireland and London to develop their products with excellence and without compromise. As a result, CBD Embrace is the winner of Best CBD Products Manufacturer – UK at the GHP News: Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020, a fitting tribute to several years of hard work, strong ethics and passion. It comes at the end of an immensely successful year for the firm, which saw its turnover triple and its clientele expand. Available wholesale, White Label and retail in leading distributors such as Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Holland and Barrett and many more retail giants across the UK and Europe, CBD Embrace products have established themselves at the fore of this burgeoning market, that is continuing to present new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs like Moheet and Ankush. Thus, with its unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of people across the UK and beyond, CBD Embrace continues to evolve and expand, driven by entrepreneurialism and a devotion to improving health and wellbeing. Connecting with its clientele either through its distributors, its own chain of retail stores, or through vital contributions to the government’s PPE and sanitisation supplies that it has been making throughout the pandemic, CBD Embrace is making the UK a better, healthier place. We look forward to the next exciting year of promise that lies ahead for the whole team. Company: CBD Embrace Contact: Moheet Vij Website: