Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 9 , CanaQuest, a leading Life Science and Pharmaceutical Company, is on amission to reintroduce scientificmethod into the formulation ofmedical cannabis products. Its two commercial-ready master formulations have taken the trial-and-error approach out of production by developing proprietarymedical products using cannabinoidmolecules and other botanical compounds for the effective treatment of numerousmental health issues. Based in Ontario, Canada, CanaQuest is a leading, research- driven life science and pharmaceutical company specialising in process manufacturing and the sale of medical cannabis products that utilize cannabinoid molecules and other pharmaceutical-grade botanical compounds. Led by Dr. Steven Laviolette, a long-time expert in the field of mental health and cannabinoids, with support from his team of 13 scientists at the Western University, CanaQuest is aiming to be a Global Leader in the formulation and development of health products utilizing cannabis molecules. Prior to their establishment of CanaQuest, Co-Founders Richard Rusiniak and Paul Ramsay founded Cymat Technologies, which they grew to a valuation in excess of $150 million at the time of their departure. Understanding and respecting the value of scientific research during their tenure at Cymat, Rusiniak and Ramsay launched CanaQuest with a firm commitment to that same scientific approach. Whilst ‘medical’ cannabis products often utilize an informal ‘trial-and- error approach’ to treating illnesses, CanaQuest instead seeks to use scientific method, curated by a team that shares more than a century of experience, to identify and specifically treat illnesses. Without the implementation of science, medical cannabis is simply recreational marijuana, according to the CanaQuest team. Jan21022 The result thus far is development of two IP Protected, commercial- ready master formulations designed to target identified rare diseases and multiple ailments. Mentanine® is an Omega-3 and CBD blend designed to manage mental health issues, such as, anxiety and depression, as well as physical ailments such as pain and arthritis. Mentanine® has already been recognised in pre-clinical trials to have numerous advantages over every other CBD product currently available on the market, including the FDA-approved Epidiolex (GW Pharmaceuticals). Shown to have ten times the efficacy compared to Pharma-grade CBD allowing for lower dosage, Mentanine®minimises the CBD dosage to the digestive system through sublingual delivery. Mentabinol® is a THC isolate and L-Theanine compound formula that is proven, based on pre-clinical trials to be a safer alternative to any other leading THC product and is delivered sublingually for enhanced bioavailability. Aside from being the only safer alternative medication to any THC product currently available on the market, including the FDA-approved Sativex (GW Pharmaceuticals), it helps to resolve issues such as memory impairment, depression, hyperactivity, pain management and more. The creation of these products is primarily the result of a strong collaboration between a network of scientific and commercial partners. Dr Laviolette and his team have been in partnership with CanaQuest since 2017. CanaQuest is also having ongoing correspondence with other academic and research institutes seeking to trial their products by initiating Pilot Studies and Clinical Trials to treat a variety of underlying conditions. An engagement with BioPharma Global has facilitated CanaQuest’s work with an Experienced Regulatory Affairs Consulting Team, comprised of globally recognised experts including former US-FDA staff, who have vital expertise in rare diseases and other under-served disease areas. Meanwhile, commercial partnerships with experienced pharmaceutical enterprises like PurCann Pharma and SiliCycle Inc., as well as businesses within the medical marijuana industry such as Canadian Cannabis Clinics, have been vital in CanaQuest creating and maintaining effective distribution channels to patients across Canada and the world, providing access for the Company to more than a hundred countries globally. Moreover, CanaQuest’s online store is currently on the verge of completion and launch, with technical, marketing and social media consultants all selected and in place to help the firm sell its products directly to customers (D2C). The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, ADC BioMedical Corp was awarded a Health Canada licence to sell, import and export cannabis and cannabinoid products for medical purposes. CanaQuest is currently initiating the process to obtain approval for a Drug Identification Number (DIN) from US-FDA seeking Orphan Drug Status. The FDA approval is expected in less than two years and CanaQuest will also be applying for a DIN from Health Canada. Reflecting all of the above is indeedanexciting time for CanaQuest. Following completion of additional financing, CanaQuest will embark on its 150-day roadmap to launch Mentanine® and Mentabinol® in Canada and beyond, with targets for worldwide revenue set for 2023. These are undoubtedly ambitious plans, but with the propulsion from CanaQuest’s myriad of accolades such as the Business of the Year 2019 – Category of Life Science presented by the International Trade Council, the firm is sure to see continued success. Contact: Paul Ramsay, Co-founder, President Company: CanaQuest Medical Corp Website: Email: [email protected] International CBDLife Science R&D Excellence Award 2020