Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

10 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Jan22511 When considering the way inwhich the cannabis industry is expanding, it pays to pay for quality. Already companies such as HØJ are reinventing the core essentials of the sector in order to revolutionise the high. The remarkable products have satisfied tens of thousands of customers and earned them success in GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021. Best Cannabis Accessories 2021. When customers look at HØJ, they see a firm which exists to transform the way in which people experience cannabis. Like Apple and Dyson, they are pioneers in their field and have achieved success through an approach which eschews traditional values and pushes boldly into new territory. Their desire to showcase accessories in this growing industry like no other is what makes them stand out from the crowd. The secret of HØJ’s success comes from the team’s ability to create much needed accessories that help those who want to experience the high. There are few companies that consider the needs of users as much as HØJ, which is why so many people turn to them for support. Every single product is designed to meet the specific needs of medical users. One of their flagship products, KLIP, opens magnetically and with a twist of only 10 degrees to keep things straightforward which is a blessing for those who have limited dexterity. When the team at HØJ get involved in a project, you know that it comes from a place of experience. The stigma around this topic has reduced dramatically over the years, but this is a firm that has always known the power of the herb. Headquartered in London, but selling products in over 105 countries is a sure sign that the team have achieved incredible success. The team’s ability to punch well above their weight comes from an approach which has created a team which works to live as opposed to living to work. As a result, they care deeply about the product, the company and the way in which both of these can benefit their customers. The value of the community that has built around HØJ is very important to the team, and they have taken steps to ensure that this connection remains strong no matter what. Working within the cannabis industry as a small endeavour has not been an easy task, with the US especially remaining steadfast on keeping the herb illegal. Whilst many states have legalised the substance, this federal failing has a major impact on the processing of payments, the advertising of products and the hiring of staff. For the HØJ team, this is confounding because they do not work with cannabis directly, only offering herbal accessories. That said, the adoption of new cannabis legislation shows a shift in approach which will see the herb become more legitimate in more parts of not only the US, but the world at large. The growth of HØJ is a credit to the team. They do not focus on the trends of the moment or industry reports, but on designing the world’s best ecosystem of herbal tools. The last few years have allowed the team to establish themselves on the international stage, with 2022 offering a host of new opportunities for success. With the needs of the customer continuing to be at the forefront of their approach, they are certain to continue their incredible capacity for growth for many years to come. Company: HØJ Name: Maddy Eriksson Email: [email protected] Web Address: