Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

12 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Accredited as theMost Efficient Indoor Cannabis Growing Technology Developer, STEM Cultivation is dedicated to bringing large-scale horticulture manufacturing to the forefront of the industry by utilizing a patentedmethod of vertical hydroponic farming. Thus, by producing high-quality yields, STEMCultivationwill be able to use less space, water, electricity, and labor than traditional indoor cultivationmethods, all due to innovation, science, technology, engineering, math, and passion. The permeating resonance behind the core foundation of STEM Cultivation are its innovative solutions that can be impactful on modern society. By following evidence and continually validating and reassessing technology, STEM Cultivation ensures that its clients have the most efficient and sustainable cultivation platform possible. Focusing on plant production, STEM Cultivation has been able to identify and build a patented technology that addresses four significant areas of cultivation waste: space, energy, water, and labor. The company’s CEO, Kyle Moffitt, explains the company’s direction by stating, “We design our Eco-Precision Cannabis (EPiC) GrowRoom and EPiC eXpander products borrowing and combining best practices from plant science and industrial manufacturing. Substantially increasing the efficiency and predictability of commercial cultivation that traditional methods of growing physically cannot match. The result offers growers the ability to make plants of certain characteristics over and over, anywhere in the world, and at any scale.” STEM Cultivation’s mission is to make the process and development of indoor plant productions inexpensive, thus allowing supply chains to become Jan22223 more predictable, localized, and resilient for their consumers. Kyle Moffitt and his team of innovative workers can accomplish their aims by pushing conventional science’s boundaries. It leads the industry with unique developmental concepts that are backed up by the impressive combination of technology, science, and originality, fuelling the ingenious idea of hydroponic farming. The model of hydroponic farming is based on growing plants in water, not soil. Thus, by still being able to meet all the necessary conditions to produce a bountiful harvest and three main macronutrients known as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. For STEM Cultivation, it has put forward the use of hydroponic farming to the cannabis market. Kyle expands on this by affirming, “The rapid global expansion of legal markets, combined with generations of pent-up consumer demand, has created the ‘green rush.’ A oncein-a-lifetime business opportunity that promises a shot at success but favours only those willing to play a game whose rules are still being written.” The legalization of cannabis has come a long way in recent years. However, markets have slowly opened to those who welcome this progress due to the increased demand during the pandemic. However, decades previously the cannabis sector was strictly dominated by worldwide governments criminalizing its use. Kyle adds on to this information by saying, “Ironically, the easing of legal restrictions for cannabis in many markets has coincided with the emergence of new government restrictions related to COVID-19. And, in a double-ironic twist, during pandemic lockdowns, these newly legal cannabis businesses were even considered as ‘essential’ to society as petrol stations and supermarkets.” Thus, STEM Cultivation provided its services to keep up with necessary qualities and standards to sustain the surging demand of its customers satisfied through a controlled yet advanced process. Moreover, due to the evolution of modern societies acceptability, cannabis businesses are now anticipated to lead the way to accommodate a new world of isolated consumerism. Overall, this trend values quality over variety and sustainability over waste. This is fundamentally exhibited throughout STEM Cultivation’s work that drives its innate mission. “Pre-pandemic, the rollout of legal cannabis markets was often messy and chaotic, with huge swings in price, availability, and quality as production ramped up. Now, add the restrictions, compliance, and general unpredictability of COVID-19 into the mix, and the headwinds for cannabis businesses could not be stronger. Cannabis companies must be built to thrive in a hypercompetitive market, or they simply won’t survive,” Kyle concludes. Its inherent success built up in relation to the rising modern demand. With its established quality and the continuous evolution of STEM Cultivation, the company has not only become the Most Efficient Indoor Cannabis Growing Technology Developer but one of the most recognized businesses within the marketplace that has distinguished itself as current competitors in the industry. Company Name: STEM Cultivation, Inc. Contact Name: Kyle Moffitt Web Address: Most Efficient Indoor Cannabis Growing Technology Developer 2021 STEM