Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 13 Jan22100 The burgeoning cannabis industryhas awealth of potentialwithin it, but tomaintainequality demands special care and attention. April Pride, Of LikeMinds Founder/CEO, hasmade it her mission to ensure that this rapidly growing sector boasts gender equality likenone other. Shehas invested innumerouswomen-founded cannabis brands, becoming a renowned industry championand earningher success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards.We take a closer look tofindoutmore. Most Creative Cannabis Entrepreneur (USA): April Pride The story of women within any industry is so easily ignored. For April Pride, the stories of women are something to be celebrated. Since 2015, she has used female storytelling to educate women about cannabis, with these anecdotes designed to empower them to use it as a tool for their health and well-being. Since telling these stories, there has been no new research to support these stories. This has meant no news and no new stories to tell. So April made it her passion to tell new stories that put women at the heart of the narrative. When April founded Of Like Minds, it was as a creative and marketing consulting agency. In short order, she and her team were investing in womenfounded cannabis brands in three ways: financial, equity trade for services, or a combination of the two. By investing money and time into these founders from marginalized communities, April hopes that they will able able to use their newfound wealth to change the trajectory of their own lives and their communities. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the profile of cannabis in groups of previously abstaining adults. For those within the industry, the response has been a host of new opportunities within the market. The toll on the mental health and careers of women has been significant, and has opened the door to many considering cannabis as a resource that allows them to manage their anxious lives. The success of April Pride, however, comes not just from her good intentions, but from her incredible track record of success. As a founder or co-founder of eight brands over nearly 20 years, she is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Instead of imposing her will on others, she encourages them to work as she likes to, autonomously and on their own terms. As such Of Like Minds is comprised of numerous independent contractors and partner agencies working together to help Of Like Minds clients. The team of nearly 100% women run their own businesses in a way that is supportive of their individual personal lives and professional dreams as well as their collective societal goals. With such ambition at every level, the future of Of Like Minds and April Pride seems secure indeed. Their partners are continually growing and expanding into new and exciting areas. In Q1 2022, for example, JOHNNIE is launching the beta version of its app which will be followed by a more robust product in mid-May 2022. The California launch of this app is poised to be one of the state’s most exciting cannabis tech developments to date. The Of Like Minds team is not holding back either, having created and launched their audio-first marketing platform, The High Guide in April 2021. Now embarking on season 3 of the podcast, it has ventured into the psychedelic realm, exploring psychedelic integration therapy. Working in audio has proven to be the perfect choice as it allows the team to meet people in a way that empowers them to make the most out of their psychedelic experiences. The success of April Pride comes down to her determination to tell new stories. By focusing on women, she has been able to secure them tremendous success in this exciting new sector. We cannot wait to see what she does next to benefit female entrepreneurs. Company: Of Like Minds Name: April Pride Email: [email protected] Web Address: