Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 15 Dec21663 Newly establishedwithin the industry,MjSeo Agency, a subsidiaryof SeoProfy, has been accredited as theBest Cannabis SEOAgency within theUSA. Once its parent companybegan working as a cannabismarketing consultant towards projectswithin the sector, the company decided to create a separate agency,MjSeo Agency. Its focus is to implement dispensary marketing ideas. Thus,MjSeohas been established as a cannabismarketing andSEO company that offers extensive services through its expertswith immense experiencewithin this nichemarketplace. Best Cannabis SEO Agency - USA Founded in 2020, MjSeo Agency supports its customers in becoming internationally recognized through well-thoughtout SEO strategies implemented by its cannabis marketing experts. Moreover, its highly regarded experts are not only incomparable with their knowledge and experience but they are some of the best in the industry. Thus, the company can use the most relevant SEO cannabis words to help its varying clients increase site traffic and their number of customers to enhance business profitability as well as performance. MjSeo is committed to supporting its client’s cannabis sites to ensure they flourish. Doing so allows any company to request a free SEO audit from the team at MjSeo. Therefore, MjSeo can analyze their websites to see how they compare to the best practices and what hinders their rankings. At this point, MjSeo has effectively created a starting point for optimized strategies and, ultimately, eCommerce success. Working entirely and exclusively with cannabis-related businesses, MjSeo is dedicated to raising its clients’ businesses through online performance and brand awareness, which affects a rising number of sales. With MjSeo, the company creates a natural and organic presence, optimized strategically to establish ideal traffic and brand recognition despite complex manoeuvring around advertising restrictions. Launched as a client-centric agency, MjSeo’s experts truly understand the market and, henceforth, provide comprehensive marijuana SEO expertise, transparent strategies and technologies that are concentrated with being its biggest strength and motivation as a company. MjSeo is proud of the efforts its dispensary SEO team contributes to developing the medical marijuana market. As more companies enter the industry, the more diversified it becomes, and thus, MjSeo is heavily excited to be included in this progress. Moreover, despite initial disbelief, the pandemic has spurred the growth of this market. The optimization of marijuanarelated businesses and their sites are heavily reliant on modernized eCommerce and companies like MjSeo. They can provide such qualities and services to the market. In addition, companies have realized how integral their website is to commercial success regardless of being established in a censored industry. Despite the ban on PPC ads, MjSeo has developed a way to drive organic traffic towards a dispensary. MjSeo is familiar with the challenges and growing pains the market has been susceptible to over the years, such as insufficient regulations and the lack of experience from entrepreneurs. While the public attitude towards the cannabis industry has shifted, the cannabis industry still requires appropriate manoeuvring from professional and innovative individuals such as MjSeo. As a cannabis SEO company, MjSeo can support its clients in overcoming the obstacles of digital promotion, which is difficult and expected in such a specific and delicate market. MjSeo works by establishing a firm recognized for its clients’ projects, brand, or product and attracts additional clients or investors through the promoted content, turning websites into the go-to sources of information on marijuana and CBD. Therefore, to support clients with digital promotion, MjSeo regularly keeps up to date with trends and modern followings as its integral to its work. The company addresses this by saying, “Technologies in digital marketing are constantly evolving, but SEO is, in essence, a methodology. Tools may change, while the underlying principles are largely the same. We help clients follow the right path in their promotional endeavours based on proven techniques and the current legal landscape.” For MjSeo, the future is designed to support companies in building effective marketing strategies and is scheduled to participate in business conferences. Throughout the year, MjSeo is looking forward to reaching out to cannabis enthusiasts to spread its mission and offer its support as SEO experts and has the idea to create its own SEO event. With the drive to never stop learning and always keep inspired, MjSeo is pushing modern SEO marketing and giving it a green twist. Company Name: MjSeo Agency Contact Name: Dmytro Syvak Phone: +1 424 208 0286 Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]