Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 17 Dec21137 Every industry is currently searching for packaging solutions that keep theneeds of the environment at the forefront. The teamat DamaDistributinghave discovered the power of hempas apractical alternative toplastics.We take a lookat howthis has had an impact on industries around theworld, but especially in the commercial cannabis industry, andwhy it haswon themsuccess in GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021. Best Wholesale Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Company - Rocky Mountain States Every industry is thinking green, but the commercial cannabis sector has a significant advantage insofar as their production processes are essentially all new. With no systems established, there is enormous potential to establish ways of working that are environmentally friendly and sustainable in every way. Leading the way forward in that regard are the team from Dama. Founded by Cole Gibbs, Dama has pioneered the development of sustainable hemp plastic and compliant packaging solutions for a variety of industries. Plastic waste is a major problem worldwide, and it continues to grow. Cole’s solution is one built around a sustainable business strategy that embraces green technology. Dama is powered entirely through renewable wind energy, for example, and over the last two years has managed to prevent more than 100 tons of petroleum plastic from damaging the environment. One of the biggest challenges faced by the commercial cannabis sector is a long history of miseducation. Over fifty years of propaganda won’t disappear overnight and this applies doubly to the environmental aims of Dama as well. As such, education is key to their approach. With greenwashing a common thread in various industries, Dama have made it their mission not purely to offer solutions, but to work closely with their customers to find the right way forward for their specific situation. The pandemic has had an enormous impact on the way in which Dama works, with product marketing changing significantly. With so many people orderijng online, the challenges of dealing with increasing plastic waste have come to the fore. As such, Cole and his team have hunkered down and are now able to produce the world’s first sustainable 100% hemp bioplastic, specifically designed to replace toxic petroleum plastics. This comes after launching the first sustainable child resistant hemp plastic containers in 2019 and the first home compostable pre-roll tubes in January 2021. Unlike the competition, these products degrade within 14 months and 180 days respectively. With this impressive eye for expansion, it’s clear that this talented team aren’t going way any time soon. The packaging industry is one that is constantly moving, reacting to the needs of their clients. Instead of following the crowd, the Dama team have forged their own path and achieved remarkable success as a result. Their plans for 2022 continue this bold new line of thinking, with the intention to break ground on the new Hemp BioPlastics production facility. This first facility will produce 100 tons of sustainable Hemp BioPlastic each month, and is the key to the team removing over 6.2 million lbs of carbon from our environment each year. When looking at firms such as Dama, it’s clear that their intentions are inherently positive. Through leveraging the best that technology has to offer, they have been able to find vital solutions to the challenges facing the world today. Their incredible achievements are something to be celebrated, and we cannot wait to see what they bring to the market as the months progress. Company: Dama Distributing Name: Cole Gibbs Email: [email protected] Web Address: