Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

18 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Dec21702 With the pressure to decriminalise or even legalize recreational cannabis use increasing across the globe, it is vital for both educational and entertaining sources to infiltrate the mainstream. ProCannabisMedia has created numerous productions that stream24-7 and are accessible internationally. FromWeed Talk News to its upcoming production, Calling All Growers, ProCannabisMedia is working to destroy the stigma surrounding cannabis usage whilst educating new and old users alike. Best Emerging Cannabis Media Company - USA In a world which still stigmatises the use of cannabis, be it for recreational or medical uses, ProCannabisMedia is taking a risky yet innovative approach to increasing the conversation around the usage and benefits of cannabis. The company, disapproving of the embellishment and dramatization caused by traditional media, focuses upon providing authentic content that is based upon facts. From the failed war on drugs to information surrounding edibles, ProCannabisMedia aspires to educate, demystify, and inspire. Serving as a business to business 24-7 live streaming news, talk, informational, and educational content production company, ProCannabisMedia produces over 35 shows a month, and acts as a professional outlet for people to tell their stories without censorship or excessive editing. Furthermore, the company hosts three original shows – Weed Talk News, Green Rush Live, and In the Weeds with Jimmy Young. One of the company’s most recent productions is Cannversation with Dave Briggs and Amani Toomer, which has featured interviews with some of the biggest names in sports who have delved into the cannabis industry. Jimmy Young, the founder and president of ProCannabisMedia, has had a prosperous and extensive media career. Over the course of 40 years in the commercial TV industry, Jimmy mentored hundreds of young talents. Moreover, it was within this era of his career that he was awarded an Emmy Award in the Sports Special category for the live, children’s sports talk show that he co-created, produced, and hosted in the 1990s. Now a college educator, he continues to involve himself within the development and nurturing of new talent, teaching the next generation how to create and produce their own content. It’s fair to say that Jimmy has a clear passion for production – one that infuses numerous aspects of ProCannabisMedia. Considering that he has 17 producers under his wing and numerous hosts contributing to the project without any direct compensation, the mission and drive make the company increasingly appealing. He has gone from interviewing the biggest names in sports, including Michael Jordan, Roger Clemens, and Magic Johnson, to innovators in the cannabis industry. Indeed, he has conducted interviews with Tommy Chong, Steve DeAngelo of the Last Prisoner Project, and Joe Lusardi, the former CEO of Curaleaf. Whilst the company has had the privilege of interviewing these significant industry figures, it has faced numerous challenges over the years, namely due to the stigma and legislation around Cannabis. For example, it has had its bank accounts shut down, which, consequently, has led to ProCannabisMedia using a credit union. Of course, the stigma surrounding cannabis has not only had a large impact on the company but has shaped numerous industries. To ensure its survival in what has often been an unstable industry, ProCannabisMedia follows trends based upon real data, focusing greatly upon analytics. In addition, the company has studied SEO and implements it within its work, including terms such as legalisation, politics, and growing. ProCannabisMedia has forged its own path, remaining independent throughout its time on-air, instead utilising platforms such as Roku, Twitch, and Apple to constantly stream its work. In 2022, ProCannabisMedia will be launching a series of shows that have been designed specifically with the company’s mission in mind. Each show will be followed by a subscriptionbased workshop and webinar featuring the same guests but in a closed circuit broadcast, creating a type of video callin workshop that gives direct access to the guests the company has featured on its shows over the past year. Contact: Jimmy Young Company: ProCannabisMedia Web Address: https://www.