Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

4 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 , Touching the people by asking themwhich products they need (in relation to what Califia Gold offers), Eddie ensures brand consistency by ensuring all ingredients (and the way they are put together) come from the best sources. So high quality, in fact, they’re good enough to capture the attention of world-famous hospitals in the area to use his formula. “There is a distinct, unique thing about that liquid immunity complex that separates it from everything else out there,” says Eddie. “The problem it solves is that it synergistically combines the most effective immune ingredients people already take separately,” he continues. Founded in 2017, Califia Gold is a company that was created to demonstrate the immense healing properties of hemp and its impact on health. The overall mission? To revolutionize society’s view about this plant-based material by informing people with positive facts regarding it; they aim for education at their core approach throughout all aspects, including marketing strategies too. While thinking through everything that represents the essence of the immunity complex, that’s when it hit him. “A lot of people take a lot of things to try to have a positive outcome on their immune systems,” says Eddie. The Liquid Immunity Complex from Califia Gold really does Replenish the Soul. It helps prevent Covid-19 if taken regularly, helps those that catch it recover quickly (1 to 3 days), and helps restore and replenish the immune system of those affected. It is the most powerful and effective immune support product on the market. Eddie is dedicated to Califia Gold providing the highest quality hemp products available. For years, they’ve been at the forefront of the California hemp market, and their products have played a major role in its growth and legitimization. How? Liquid Immunity Complex is packed with essential nutrients that support your immune system to help keep you healthy. Also hosting a vast range of products, including hemp oil, bath bombs, gummies and muscle cream, Califia Gold is positioned for customers to discover one of the best experiences of health and wellness available on the market. The five-star rated product has received comments stating that it is a ‘Genuinely amazing product.’ In addition, Califia Gold’s Liquid Immunity Support Complex boasts an impressive list of ingredients, including vitamin C, zinc, ginger root extract, elderberry, echinacea, white willow bark, myrrh and osha Voted best immune support products in the Western USA! root. This all natural Vegan product is gluten, wheat, yeast, soy and dairy free. Customers rave about the product; with Madelyn L. writing, ‘This liquid immunity product is really effective. The taste is amazing too. I felt the benefits within a few days. Highly recommended!’ The Liquid Immunity Support Complex can be taken in a variety of ways, be it with a tablespoon of honey, with juice, or on its own. However, the product should neither be taken on an empty stomach, nor given to anyone under the age of 12. Built for the people, Eddie also believes Califia Gold’s ethos starts with a foundation of fairness and inclusion. He believes that a healthy Califia Gold Liquid Immunity Complex