Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 5 Voted best immune support products in the Western USA! workplace, combined with passion and knowledge is what customers feel, thereby creating a positive atmosphere for all. “We emphasize equality and diversity in order to thrive as a company,” says Eddie. “Our Liquid Immunity Complex will help you maintain your productivity and well-being while you work hard to make gold.” However, the industry does not come without its challenges – as Califia Gold knows all too well. For one, federal legalization is both a challenge and opportunity for the industry, for example, prior to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabidiol oil (CBD) and the psychoactive THC had no legal differentiation. The Covid-19 pandemic also served as a challenge for the company, however, Califia Gold used this period as an opportunity for growth. Formulating a powerful immune support product, Califia Gold has crafted a product that aids in the protection and strength of the immune system and helps with the recovery from Covid-19. The liquid immune support complex is a unique product which combines over 12 of the most effective immune support ingredients plus 500 mg of CBD to provide a super charge to the immune system. They also have a non-CBD version for customers concerned or uneducated about CBD. Most recently, the company has been working towards the acquisition of a nationwide distribution deal which will see Califia Gold’s products become available in retail stores across the United States. On top of this, Califia Gold is developing a new range of THC-infused products to complement its immune support and CBD-infused wellness line. The past year has also seen the introduction of a turmeric gummy supplement to Califia Gold’s wellness and immune support product line. Contact: Eddie Washington Company: Califia Gold Website: