Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

6 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 , Minor Decliner is a Maryland-based company which develops technology to integrate within dispensaries and retail stores to manage the age verification process for selling cannabis and CBD products and ensuring that minors do not purchase products they are not eligible to access. The Minor Decliner™ age verification system allows for fast scanning of state-issued IDs and driver’s licenses for reliable data entry and fast, audible and visible results. It seamlessly works to detect expired IDs and underage consumers to increase employees’ efficiency, help check IDs properly, and reduce the “human error” factor. A variety of flexible hardware options (scanners, tablets, POS connections, wireless and offline capabilities, multiple scanners on the same tablet, etc.) are available, ensuring numerous solutions and implementation options for each individual dispensary and store need. So, how did Minor Decliner get into business? Several years ago, the company founder, Ron Tobb’s daughter was an underage investigator for a local police department. Her job was to attempt to purchase cigarettes or alcohol with her authentic under-18 ID. She was shocked to find that 20-30% of the time, people sold to her because they could not do the mathematics to figure out how old she was. After watching this for several months, Ron decided to help solve this problem. Being an engineer, he knew that the best way to prevent an error is to stop it at the source. That’s why he created Minor Decliner. After doing more research, it was discovered that this is a chronic problem within the age-restricted product industry. This motivates Ron and his team all the more to help solve these issues permanently, for all types of products. Minor Decliner’s mission is simple: to eliminate sales and access of age-restricted products to minors to protect businesses. Ron has formed a team of practical innovators who look to bring simple, yet technologically advanced solutions to their customers. They are customercentric, and laser focused on both the future of technology and the company’s future. They wake up every day with the drive to innovate and provide the best tools and service available to help retailers eliminate the sales of age-restricted items to minors. The medical marijuana industry is rapidly changing each year and within each individual state. Obviously, across the US, state Best Cannabis Industry ID Scanning Solutions Provider - North America laws and regulations are still being developed and refined. The Minor Decliner system works to manage changes in age, quantity restrictions, and other limitations on a real-time basis. It can manage various age options and quantity limitations, all while working alongside the client’s POS systems and compliance technology. The system compiles and provides reports for the client’s management to review and to pass on to agencies reviewing their store compliance adherence. Minor Decliner realizes that dispensaries and retail stores have a lot of changes to keep up with in regard to who they can sell to and how much they are allowed to sell. Its system exists