Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 9 Jan22099 Simple Solvents, a company committed to its goal of becoming auniversally recognised standards creator for cannabis andhelp extraction, puts thought and leadershipat the forefront of its business goals.WorkingwithNorthAmerican federal and regulatorybodies suchas ASTM, USP, and the FDA, it is currently launching 1 and 5 gallonunits of pure ethanol andCDA 12A inQ1 of this year, bucking the trendof the current lowest volume offeredbeing closer to 55, dedicated tomaking life easier for its clients and tode-sensationalisingmedicalmarijuana. Focusing on speciality liquid solvent supply, Simple Solvents serves North America’s used botanical extraction, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics sectors, with its main market being found within the hemp and cannabis industries. Fundamentally, it differentiates itself by way of serving this niche. It and its wider industry know how much of a long way medical marijuana still has to go in terms of earning acceptance both legally and socially, but its sees this tide changing in the near future, and until then will continue to lobby for the decriminalisation of it at the federal level. As industry experts, pioneers, and activists, its focus is on customer support, service, and education, innovating and developing solvent blends that are specifically built for the extraction of both hemp and cannabis products such as hemp ethanol. Promising to hit the ground running in its market segment, Simple Solvents’ proprietary blend is something that it is incredibly proud of. Critically, despite the issues and difficulties of the past year, with supply chains being hit hard due to Covid19 – especially in the chemical and speciality shipment industries – it stepped up to the plate to bolster its own communication and sector outreach, providing a large amount of ultra-high purity solvents to cannabis and hemp companies. Focusing solely on this industry has allowed it to corner a niche market and curry good favour with its professionals, securing it a track to further growth made possible by its long-term business relationships with existing peers and competitors. Furthermore, its in-house logistics and facilities help imports and domestic shipping to be carried out with effectiveness and immediacy. Therefore, thriving in spite of the recent ethanol tax rise implications such as 200 proof pure ethanol being taxed at $27 a gallon – 9 times higher than the cost of the product by itself – it has had to consider that cannabis and hemp extractors are not eligible to use the product without paying that tax. It is currently working to create a solvent blend category that addresses this. Its current efforts promise to alleviate the tax implication from the current hiked up price to a total of 0, offering a less toxic solvent blend that focuses purely on hemp and cannabis, bringing additional benefits such as lower boiling point, meaning less energy is needed for extraction. By innovating ways to make the whole process of hemp and cannabis extraction easier for its industry, it has quickly made itself a darling of the wider sector. Additionally, internally, its culture of family and empathy mean that it works with honesty, integrity, and grit at every turn, scaling its efforts up naturalistically across the US and Canada as it continues to bolster its own reputation through good client interactions, working with ASTM to build standards for hemp and cannabis extraction in conjunction with USP and the FDA. In the future, it looks forward to seeing where this takes it, continuing to work on its innovation and intellectual property in order to show US regulatory bodies the place that hemp has in the medicine of the future. Company: Simple Solvents Contact: Brandon Bahr Website: Best Cannabis Extraction Liquid Solvents Supplier - North America