Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022

Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 RSA-Cannabis: Leading Organisation for Cannabis Cultivation - South Africa & GHP Community Excellence Award

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Contents 4. RSA- Cannabis: Leading Organisation for Cannabis Cultivation - South Africa & GHP Community Excellence Award 6. AirMed Canada Systems Inc: Cannabis Management Software Company of the Year - Canada 8. Oregon Roots: Best Craft Cannabis Producer - Oregon 10. HØJ INC: Best Global Cannabis Smoking Accessories Brand 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 11. Love Hemp: Leading CBD Brand of the Year - Western Europe 12. Galaxiavertical SA: Best Cannabis Cultivation Solutions Provider - Portugal 13. Marijuana Aware: Most Innovative Online Medical Marijuana Program - USA 14. 5 Points Cannabis: Best Cannabis Development Business - Quebec 15. Drop Of Sunshine: Best Creative Hemp & THC Oil Company - Southern USA 16. Califia Gold: Immune Support Products of the Year - USA 17. Montrose Cannabis: Best Cannabis E-Commerce Business - Canada

4 In February 2022, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa shared an ambitious goal with the nation. Wanting to capitalise on its geographical advantage, South Africa would aim to grow the medical cannabis and hemp industry to provide over 130,000 new jobs. The initiative is already improving the long-term prospects of farming communities across the country. In the capital of the South African Free State province, Bloemfontein, you’ll find a cultivator and distributor of medical cannabis with a difference. RSA Cannabis, also known as ROSAC, has cultivated a unique business model. The company’s aim is not only to improve the lives of patients but of growing communities, too. Jacques says, “ROSAC is on a simple mission to cultivate cannabis throughout South Africa and Africa. We use this process to empower local communities and change the lives of people living within them. Our strong company values and innovative thinking set us apart. This has allowed us to become the beating heart of the cannabis industry in South Africa and Africa.” The home of ROSAC, known as Base Camp Glen, is only the first phase of Jacques’ vision. The company is licensed to grow, process, test, and distribute cannabis and its by-products throughout South Africa. State-of-the-art operational facilities and strategic international partnerships allow for the large-scale production and distribution of ROSAC’s products. Cultivating medical-grade cannabis and hemp plants, ROSAC produces cannabis oil extractions of between 80 and 95% pure THC and CBD distillates destined for national and international use. ROSAC’s registered pharmacy tests and verifies products in its own certified laboratory before transporting them using the company’s established network of distributors. A by-product of the extraction process, hemp is used to manufacture industrial products such as fibre, fabric, biofuel, and 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jan23377 hempcrete. This means that every part of each harvested plant is put to good use. But it’s ROSAC’s community initiative, known as Cannability, that sets the company apart. Jacques explains, “Our business is unique in the sense that it’s about so much more than internal stakeholders. It’s about the entire community around us. Cannability is integral to what we do. It’s about uplifting and empowering local communities with jobs, transport, education, and sustainable food farming. We use a sizeable percentage of profits to enrich the lives of those living in poverty-stricken and oppressed communities. We provide healthcare, transport, water, and other basic human rights.” To date, Cannability has been such a success that ROSAC is now rolling out its cultivation project throughout South Africa by collaborating with farmers in other areas. The company’s compliant and licensed business model offers a complete cultivation, processing, packaging, and distribution solution for farmers looking to diversify in the region. In what it terms as ‘phase 3’ of the project, ROSAC is looking to expand its cultivating ‘Cannamunities’ into other African countries such as Uganda, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Mozambique. Leading Organisation for Cannabis Cultivation - South Africa & GHP Community Excellence Award From small seeds, big ideas grow. When Jacques Swart came up with the concept for his business, RSA Cannabis (ROSAC), he was living in a caravan in the Eastern Cape.That was September 2018. Since then, his innovation and the strategic efforts of his team have seen the idea flourish into a fully-licensed company backed by a team of industry experts. We take a look at the RSA Cannabis business model and how the company has evolved. RSA-Cannabis

GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Jacques tells us, “At the moment, we’re seeking to partner with farmers who are able to dedicate at least 50 hectares of land per person residing on the farm. They’ll use the land to cultivate cannabis, which is then transported to a central location for extraction and processing. We’re aiming to enrich the lives of all who partner with us. And, in the case of cannabis farms and processing centres, we’ll uplift and empower their entire communities by providing jobs, education, transport, and sustainable food infrastructure.” The company is already well-placed to expand and capitalise on partnership opportunities. Being publicly listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), ROSAC is an attractive investment for those seeking an ethical, forward-thinking business venture. In fact, ROSAC was the first cannabis company to receive an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) on the JSE. Committed to further research into potential cannabis applications, ROSAC partners with the University of the Free State. Jacques says, “Our in-house research and development team specialises in the medical benefits of cannabis compounds such as the cannabinoids THC and CBD as well as terpenes, flavonoids, and others. The therapeutic potential of these compounds is being studied both in isolation and synergistically with one another.” Looking to the future, ROSAC is also planning to sell high-quality seeds of their unique South African cultivars. Although one strain definitely won’t be for sale – Madiba’s Legacy. ROSAC has patented, trademarked, and copyrighted its highest quality strains as The 46664 Nelson Mandela Freedom Seeds, aka MadibaKush, a tribute to late President Nelson Mandela. Madiba is a title of respect for the former president derived from his Xhosa clan name. Jacques says, “This is our tribute to Madiba; may he live on in legacy and spirit forever more. Our Madiba strain will be a one-in50-million strain, almost as unique as the man himself.” These elite seed strains will not be on sale to the public and will only be grown in a designated area. One site that’s under consideration is Robben Island, host to the now inactive maximum security prison, and the site of Nelson Mandela’s incarceration for 18 of his 27 years of imprisonment. Undecided whether that is a fitting tribute to the hero or not, ROSAC has put the question to a public vote. As it continues to expand and evolve, ROSAC is open to further collaborative opportunities. To find out more about the ROSAC Cannamunity Empowerment cultivation model or for any further information, please visit the company website. Contact: Jacques Swart Company: RSA-Cannabis Web Address:

6 help our customers and also offered us an opportunity for improving on the current offerings in the marketplace.” The design team at AirMed aligned its software development roadmap to include enterprise resource planning (ERP) features that would support just-in-time production and set about creating them. “Our new functionality lets a producer access available packaged product from inventory when an order is placed. But the producer can also access bulk quantities that can be used to create new packages to complete an order. In fact, a producer using AirMed can take an order even if fulfilment means sourcing from a third party or designating crops still in cultivation.” Hearn went on to say that the process from order to shipping is streamlined in AirMed with all required tasks cascading out to relevant staff for completion. “These new features help a producer manage operations in a more efficient manner and avoid producing goods that don’t meet market demand.” As the initial model of manufacturing-to-stock is being replaced by a more flexible and cost-effective manufacture-to-order process, AirMed is adapting to support it. But that’s not the only way AirMed is adapting to the marketplace. “Our objective now is to provide an integrated solution, so our customers won’t need separate systems for ERP, inventory control, quality management and business intelligence,” said Hearn. “Throughout 2023, we are releasing a range of functionality that will result in AirMed software evolving into a complete enterprise cannabis management system.” “We have so many features in the final stages of development or testing,” said Hearn. “Additional enhancements to AirMed include comprehensive quality management as well as report, label, and e-form designers. And did I mention the two-way application programming interface (API)? Some of these are built into the main system and others are optional, such as our new business intelligence tool that lets you focus on what matters most — your data.” Hearn believes that the long-term success of an enterprise is dependent on accurate, timely mission-critical data. “Understanding the impact of production and manufacturing complexities requires an intuitive reporting platform, one with exceptional performance and customization options.” You might be wondering if a software system that offers that much can still be affordable. But Hearn assures that in comparison to other cannabis software systems, AirMed prices are very reasonable. “We stay competitive by using a lean business model for our company. We’re building a future that’s sustainable for ourselves and for our clients.” For those willing to look for gaps in the marketplace as AirMed has, the future holds great potential. Hearn and his team embody After nearly a decade of developing software for the cannabis industry, the pioneering team at AirMed realize their clients need more than compliance record keeping or inventory control. Producers need a comprehensive unified solution that also provides order management, manufacturing automation, shop floor data collection, inventory costing, sophisticated reporting, and business intelligence, and real-time integration with other systems. CEO Justin Hearn explains that essentially, their customers need Enterprise Cannabis Management. Since launching the company in 2014, AirMed has developed the industry’s most comprehensive software for Canadian licensed cannabis producers and is moving into other markets throughout the world. Justin Hearn, CEO of AirMed Canada Systems, explains, “Our goal is and always has been to provide a responsive solution that not only meets customer needs but anticipates them.” In the beginning, legislation drove feature development at AirMed. Once regulations were established, however, Hearn and his team were able to look beyond the basic requirements. Features were added to cover every aspect of cultivation, processing, packaging, and distribution until AirMed offered the industry’s most comprehensive software for Canadian licensed cannabis producers. As a pioneer software vendor in the legal cannabis marketplace, the team at AirMed watched the industry evolve from the inside — not only in relation to regulations but also in how cannabis producers operate. “When cannabis was first legalized for recreational sales in Canada, there were no metrics on actual product demand,” said Hearn. “With the conventional manufacturing-to-stock business model, oversupply could be an issue for producers.” As the company believes in agile software development, AirMed team members are constantly collaborating with clients to discover how to meet both present and future needs. So, when time permitted, they set about looking for ways to help producers manage supply effectively to become more profitable. “Just-in-time manufacturing is a production model in which items are created to meet demand, rather than being created in surplus or in advance of need,” explains Hearn. “We saw that this model could Cannabis Management Software Company of the Year - Canada AirMed Canada Systems Inc.

GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 the pioneering mindset that aims to make a positive impact on the whole industry. “The new features in AirMed are designed to give producers the tools they need to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of cannabis production and sale in Canada — and around the world,” says Hearn. “We will continue to respond directly to customer demands and industry trends to support greater performance, productivity and profitability.” Organizational excellence is an iterative process that requires constant input from everyone involved. With a clear vision to succeed despite seismic shifts in market dynamics and regulations, the team at AirMed goes above and beyond to support clients. Hearn states, “We help our customers meet compliance at every stage of the seed-to-sale process, but we are also committed to helping them cultivate quality, efficiency, precision, insight and profitability.” This commitment is why AirMed has been recognized as Cannabis Management Software Company of the Year. Contact: Name: Karla Willems Email: [email protected] Web: Company: AirMed Canada Systems Inc.

8 Oregon Roots as a grass roots company, has leveraged its experience and unique library of genetics, continuing to provide quality while strategically managing the costs associated with running a leading business in this industry.” Even as a small business, Oregon Roots is one of the most widely recognized cannabis brands with customers across the state – and even further - as visitors to Oregon often return for more. They are committed to growing the finest products and marketing them carefully to help reduce the stigma associated with the use of cannabis in the United States and, perhaps eventually, the rest of the world. The everchanging laws and regulations can be challenging for businesses such as Oregon Roots, as cannabis isn’t legal in much of the world – as well as still being illegal in many U.S. states. Selling outside of Oregon isn’t something that Oregon Roots can do at the moment, which is a pain point of the business due to the fact that the brand cannot be marketed and distributed outside of the state. Jathan adds, “Brand recognition is paramount in promoting our products and we take our branding very seriously.” Although there are limitations, Oregon Roots doesn’t let this dampen its spirit Craft cannabis has become bigger and better across several states in the United States of America, and Oregon Roots is a driving force behind these developments in the industry. Here we talk to its CEO, Jathan Stitch, as Oregon Roots wins this title in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. Formally established in 2016 and with the 11th license ever issued in the state of Oregon, Oregon Roots Inc. made the transition from medical cannabis to one of the first businesses in the United States to sell cannabis for recreational use, as Oregon was one of the first states to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. Growing indoors and outdoors since its inception, Oregon Roots knows how to cultivate the perfect cannabis for all uses. It has refined its products over the years, and tailored them to its customers’ preferences, so that everyone can enjoy the best, cleanest cannabis on the market. Oregon Roots CEO, Jathan Stitch, tells us “Our goal of providing high-quality flower for every budget has been our mission since day one, and our line of Oregon Roots products continues to evolve to meet that goal, including our premium indoor flower pre-rolls, dabs, vapes, and new line of live resin dabs and carts, all sourced exclusively from our own gardens.” Deeply rooted in enthusiasm for plant cultivation, Oregon Roots’ products are truly reflective of the dedication to creating the smoothest, most beneficial flower that leaves its customers feeling positive. Jathan shares, “In Oregon, as well as the entire west coast, there is an abundance of cannabis available on the market. Fortunately, Best Craft Cannabis Producer - Oregon “Firmly Planted in Oregon Soil.” “We strive to provide the best, clean craft cannabis possible for dispensaries across the state and truly believe in the health benefits associated with quality cannabis.” Photo Credit:

GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 as it continues to shape its brand under the relevant laws. Its team strives to be the best they can be so that they are ready when laws potentially change to open the market in other states. Oregon Roots’ team is made up of lifelong cannabis enthusiasts that thrive in their daily endeavours. They work hard to give customers the best experience possible, and the team is filled with creative energy. For example, Jathan shares, “Our Sales Director, Charlie Christopher, has a passion for business and a keen sense of what retail customers want, always coming up with creative ways to help our retail partners promote products and improve profitability.” Staff members make or break a business, and with a seasoned management team with a combined 80+ years of experience in cannabis cultivation, promotion, and distribution, Oregon Roots operates like a well-oiled machine to keep everything running smoothly. With a methodical focus and precise execution, Oregon Roots has been steadily growing its customer base and is building an empire. Drenched in creativity and passion, Oregon Roots’ artisan products are delivered to customers with one thing in mind – to give them the finest quality products that will give them an unforgettable experience, every time. The team also understands that laws are different everywhere and are extremely respectful of that. They believe in cannabis for its medicinal properties as “the use of cannabis may help ease symptoms of pain, insomnia, depression and more, with research still ongoing.” Always recommending communication with medical professionals, Oregon Roots looks out for its customers and potential customers – so that it may encourage good health and happiness all round. Oregon Roots has been flourishing due to its management, teamwork, and craft cannabis growing experience. Ensuring it stays ahead of trends, and analysing trends to ensure they are worthy of investment, Oregon Roots keeps actively searching for new ways to innovate while not getting caught up in the hype. “By attending events such as MJBizCon in Las Vegas, we keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the industry across the U.S.. Oregon Roots has continued to evolve over the years and has kept up with the changing market trends in the cannabis industry; from our top-shelf flower, to vape cartridges, dabs and now live resin products.” Oregon Roots has now won Best Craft Cannabis Producer – Oregon. Jathan comments, “We are honoured to receive this award that highlights the hard work our team has put in over the years.” We are pleased to see Oregon Roots blossom as a business, and as a team, and we’re sure to see it branch out to even more customers than before in the coming years. Contact: Jathan Stitch Company: Oregon Roots Inc. Web Address: “Oregon Roots keeps our finger on the pulse of new products and trends in the industry. We’re constantly adapting to an ever-changing market offering innovative products and services to our customers pushing the industry forward.”

10 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 HØJ is an accessories brand for commercial cannabis that has recently been recognised in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. We speak to its COO, Madalina Eriksson, to find out more about the company, its values, and goals. Danish Luxury Brand HØJ, designs accessories for commercial cannabis and CBD, which the company sells to a growing base of fans globally. HØJ incorporates high-tech and high design standards with a distinct Danish design ethos to create a better experience for its customers, it provides products that incorporate technology and high design with a Danish style. HØJ proudly creates accessories that respect and appreciate nature and its elements. HØJ’s Chief Operations Officer, Madalina Eriksson, explains, “Our approach is to distill everything to its purest form and create products that match our core values and vision of unrelenting craftsmanship, design inspired by nature, and respect for our planet and the people on it.” The HØJ Team is not just based in London, but also has team members around the world. Madalina highlights: “From Mexico to Denmark, Dubai to Los Angeles, across various time zones and diverse languages, nationalities, and cultures, nothing stops our powerhouse team from achieving great things.” Our Team members pride themselves on their skills and professionalism to support HØJ’s customers throughout their time shopping with us, by providing outstanding service every time. This is reflected in the feedback from HØJ’s customers. One customer said, “The only thing better than KLIP is the amazing customer service - you rock! ” The HØJ Team takes customer feedback on board with everything they do because they love to create accessories that customers love. The Team is always looking for ideas to innovate. Open communication through social media, email, or in person at trade shows, enables HØJ to get feedback that the Team uses to both develop existing products and to create new ones to fit its customers’ needs and wants. Currently, HØJ is working on reimaging its KLIP mini, which is directly designed for the user on the go, by making it more portable. In addition, the Team is creating a new range of products that will be offered at a range of prices, without adversely affecting quality, Madalina says: “We want to be able to offer a bit of HØJ luxury to everyone.” Recently, HØJ has been recognised in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 with the awards for Best Global Cannabis Smoking Accessories Brand 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022. This is a recognition of the internal efforts of the Team to provide HØJ’scustomers with the best accessories and with the best customer service. You can stay up to date with educational information from HØJ’s social media and newsletter. Contact: Madalina Eriksson Company: HØJ Web Address: Best Global Cannabis Smoking Accessories Brand 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Jan23828 HØJ INC

11 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Trusted brand in the CBD industry, Love Hemp is a leader in its field with an award-winning product range stocked in over 2000 stores in the UK. The company is driven by a desire to help people live healthier and happier lives through the health benefits CBD offers. With high-quality, innovative products and a deep love for its community, Love Hemp has made a huge positive impact on the lives of many people. he UK’s leading CBD brand, Love Hemp, was founded in 2015 when its founders Tony and Tom realised the benefits of CBD after Tom’s father used it during his battle with cancer. Fuelled by a desire to help people discover the benefits of CBD, the company is committed to providing high-quality, pure CBD products to support the health and wellbeing of its customers. The company sells a range of CBD products, including oils, sprays, edibles, capsules and topicals. The community is at the forefront of everything Love Hemp does. Helping stressed university students, builders with back problems, professional athletes, anyone with anxiety, elderly people with pain or sleep problems, and many more members of the community, CBD has the potential to help a large range of people, many of whom may not even be aware of its benefits. Love Hemp’s products are truly for everyone and have been lifechanging for so many people. As a customer focused brand, the company thrives on having a positive impact on the lives of its customers. The business has an outstanding customer service team who are regularly mentioned in reviews left on platforms like Trustpilot. In order to maintain this customer focus, the team at Love Hemp are invited to monthly meetings where each department’s successes are discussed, and top customer reviews are read out. This regularly reminds employees of the positive impact they have on the community. In addition, the company uses customer reviews to listen to and recognise the needs of the community. It takes feedback on board and uses it to better itself and its products. With the medical marijuana industry in its relative infancy and developing at pace, the company recognises the importance of staying at the forefront of emerging commercial cannabis developments. Significantly investing in research and development as well as market research, the company values product innovation and forward-thinking. The future is exciting for Love Hemp. It aims to continue to develop innovative products, introducing ingredients that synergise with CBD. There is a huge opportunity to incorporate other existing cannabinoids into new products in controlled amounts, such as THC and CBN. These cannabinoids have their own unique health benefits, which could have a great effect when combined with CBD. This would result in the ability to sell more effective products, which would drive consumer demand and make a further positive impact on people’s lives. However, a challenge the industry faces as it develops is complying with regulations. Although necessary, the Novel Food regulation restricts innovation and therefore limits what Love Hemp can do in terms of developing new products. There are also extreme limitations on advertising in the industry due to the stringent regulations surrounding CBD. Despite these challenges, Love Hemp continues to have a positive impact on people’s lives, keeping the community at the heart of the business. As a result of its incredible products and customer service, the business is 2022’s winner of Leading CBD Brand of the Year, Western Europe, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards. Contact: Rhian Calamita Company: Love Hemp Web Address: T Jan23579 Leading CBD Brand of the Year - Western Europe

12 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Galaxiavertical is Portugal’s first dedicated service offering a variety of products and technical support to cultivators of medicinal Cannabis. Committed to the quality of its produce, Galaxiavertical is continually looking for new ways to tackle the challenges faced by cultivators. With the vision of being Portugal’s best primary Cannabis cultivations solutions provider, the company continues to prioritize quality and develop new ways to support licenced cultivators. Best Cannabis Cultivation Solutions Provider - Portugal ocated in Portugal, Galaxiavertical is a nursery dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal Cannabis. Producing at a global scale, it supplies licenced farmers and cultivators with young clones, mature plants, and clones produced through micropropagation. Galaxiavertical’s management team and agricultural engineers and scientists are highly qualified, trained and experienced in the field, meaning they can assist licenced cultivators with producing high quality Cannabis crop. Galaxiavertical is collaborating with Segra International, a renowned industry leader in cannabis Plant Tissue Culture. Segra’s extensive molecular biology and tissue culture intellectual property has enabled them to produce plantlets that are true-to-type, free of detectable pathogens, and offer greater protection against pests and diseases. Their cannabis technology results in increased yields, cannabinoid content & overall plant health. This collaboration enables Galaxiavertical to access proven superior genetics to cultivate and supply to the local EU market. Quality is Galaxiavertical’s priority, so it is always looking for new ways to improve its internal processes, batch to batch, to ensure that clients receive the high-quality clones they expect. This provides them with the best starting point for their flowering cycle. One of the challenges faced by Cannabis cultivators in Portugal is threats to plant health like pests and diseases caused by plant pathogens. These threats can affect the overall quality of the crop and its end potency. Due to the rapidly spreading nature of plant diseases, they can have a detrimental effect on the end product. Plant health issues must be addressed properly due to the major financial impact they can have on a company. In order to defend against diseases, the company uses mother stock derived from tissue-culture, which greatly reduces the risk posed by plant pathogens. Furthermore, the mothers are renewed every 4 months to defend against genetic drift. Galaxiavertical is currently the only nursery in Portugal which provides first generation clones from tissue culture. Recently, the company has commissioned a laboratory for plant health screening, enabling them to screen for several pathogens, mainly Hops Latent Viroid (HLV), Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV) and Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV) and measure Total Yeast Microbial Count (TYMC) and Total Aerobic Microbial Count (TAMC). While certified laboratories have long turnarounds for results, Galaxiaverticals laboratory reports indicative results to the client quickly (1-2 days), which enables them to respond to plant health issues and avoid negative impacts on final crop yields and potency. In a developing industry, Galaxiavertical understands the importance of keeping on top of emerging trends. As technology develops, new ways to improve the efficiency of processes are also developing. Galaxiavertical designs and engineers most processes internally, so it is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce cost in all areas of the business without reducing quality. The company introduced DNA sex testing to accommodate for clients that grow from seeds. When starting from seeds, cultivators risk growing and nurturing male plants which increases operational costs and greatly affects yield and potency of a crop. Moving forwards, the company plans to focus on continuously delivering quality genetics and reaching profitability. In the coming months, it aims to introduce new cultivars to clients. The next Infarmed inspection for the Galaxiavertical team is scheduled for March 2023; this will add a good distribution practice (GDP) licence to the company’s capabilities in the short term. Furthermore, Galaxiavertical is currently preparing its GMP facility for inspection. With GMP certification, the company will be able to offer GMP contract manufacturing services to process cannabis flowers and manufacture API extracts, helping clients to get their product to the market. With its dedication to the field and visions for the future, Galaxiavertical is a worthy winner of Best Cannabis Cultivation Solutions Provider, Portugal, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. Winning this award highlights the company’s expertise in the area and sets it on the right track to achieve its vision of being Portugal’s best primary Cannabis cultivations solutions provider. Contact: Edward Duffy Company: Galaxiavertical SA Web Address: L Jan23155

13 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Marijuana Aware, is an online resource providing cannabis education to patients, practitioners, and doctors. Since 2016, this resource has been committed to providing credible information to help patients ‘get their lives back’. We speak to its Founder, Marc Matoza, to find out more. Founder Marc Matoza noticed it was difficult for the average person to find accurate and up-to-date and research-based information about medical marijuana. There were limited online resources addressing a patient lifestyle medical conditions. Most were too technical or too hard to find. Medical Marijuana conferences targeted industry professionals, not the medical marijuana patient. That was when he decided to create Marijuana Aware [https://] to provide medical marijuana and wellness education targeting patients, practitioners, and doctors. MarijuanaAware is home to Medical Marijuana and Wellness Webinars. Marc’s webinars and seminars include medical cannabis experts. It is a series of online educational events [webinars, seminars, and YouTube/Facebook Channels] providing reliable information to patients in the comfort and safety of their own homes or local venue. Events and recordings are free and hosted on MarijuanaAware. com as well as its YouTube and Facebook channels, with links to additional free resources, including the presentation, research information, cannabis terpene and strain information. Marc tells us, “A lack of education about cannabis, its medical benefits, use and history has prevented thousands, if not millions of patients from obtaining a medication that is safe and effective. MarijuanaAware events focus on patient needs, but we also use our presentations to educate practitioners and doctors.” The webinars and events include information about laws and regulations in the various US States like Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Georgia, etc. Initially, Marijuana Aware was an in-person Florida seminar tour. MarijuanaAware saw its audience broaden when Covid forced it to become online webinars. This has made it easier to keep up with the various state medical marijuana programs and growing body of cannabis research. Marc says, “The event format consists of the proven effects of cannabis on various lifestyle altering medical conditions, the medical components of cannabis [including the terpenes, cultivars and strains] as well as how they work within the body, routes of administration, and dosing methodology. Marc and the team noticed a number the of attendees have found the webinar Q&A sessions to be of the most benefit to them. With this in mind, they expanded the webinar RSVP options to allow presubmitted questions and make the webinars available online for those who are unable to view the event. The small and dedicated team at MarijuanaAware thrives on easy collaboration and being quick to respond to change. Marc explains, “Our priority is the patient. We’re committed to keeping events easy to understand so that knowledge of complex topics isn’t out of reach. I like to think that if we can help one person get their life back, the webinar was worth it.” “As an educational platform, we do strive to keep our information accurate and current. We update it as the results of new research and policies become available. Before we update our resources, new information is subject to thorough vetting.” Looking to the future, what would Marc and the team like to see happen with cannabis legislation? He says, “We hope that the accessibility of cannabis will expand and result in safe and effective products becoming affordable to the average patient. The variation in the current regulation of cannabis throughout the US results in grossly unequal treatment of individuals in possession of the same substance. In some cases, these policies have significantly disrupted the lives of patients “in need” while generating enormous profits for others. We need legal policy based on worldwide cannabis research and patient experiences, not profit or politics”. Marc Matoza has a Cannabis Healthcare and Practitioner Certificate from Florida Atlantic Universtiy and a Computer Science Degree from California Polytechnic State University. MarijuanaAware is partnered with various cannabis advocacy organizations like SunCoast NORML [] and the Medical Marijuana Clinics MMTC of Florida []. Contact: Marc Matoza Email Address: [email protected] Company: MarijuanaAware Web Address: Most Innovative Online Medical Marijuana Program - USA Dec22483

14 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Run by a family with experience in agriculture, 5 Points Cannabis prioritises the plant it produces and consistently delivers high quality products to its customers. With a passionate team, the company is navigating the challenges of the developing commercial cannabis industry while keeping the customer at the centre of everything they do. Despite the legalisation of the consumption of cannabis in Canada in 2018, cannabis is still seen as taboo by some people after so many years of illegality. The team at 5 Points Cannabis believe that cannabis production is simply another form of farming, and they treat it as such, producing high quality plants using their agricultural expertise. At 5 Points, the team has a total of over 200 years of experience in agriculture and cannabis. Utilizing this in-depth understanding of agriculture, the company seeks to promote the development of new genetics in cannabis production and make agricultural expertise available to cannabis enthusiasts. Due to its commitment to genetic development, 5 Points always has more than thirty mother plants in development, which has resulted in a number of new products being launched on the market. The company does not prioritise fleeting trends in the emerging commercial cannabis industry, instead running the business like any agricultural business. The company is focused on production and the costs that come with it. Development takes place slowly, keeping cash flow in mind and always focusing on the product – the plant. As a result, the business is successful due to the quality of its products. The company believes that the customer should be at the forefront of everything they do. From genetics to packaging to containers, everything is made with the customer in mind, using feedback to understand their tastes and opinions. As the commercial cannabis industry grows, the company foresees that it will have to navigate the problem of overproduction and the resulting price drops. The industry will have to self-regulate at the production level, ensuring that it is aiming to satisfy a realistic market of customers, not an overestimated forecast. Despite this challenge, the business is looking forward to the opportunity for alliances with new emerging producers as the industry grows. Exchanging knowledge and expertise with other producers may have benefits which will aid the growth of the business. Moving forwards, 5 Points Cannabis continues to focus on its produce and customers. It is reinvesting a large portion of its profits in research and development relating to new genetics in the commercial cannabis industry, as well as investing in its own production. Currently selling in 5 Canadian provinces, the company’s goal for 2023 is to expand to a pan-Canadian level. It is clear that 5 Points Cannabis is dedicated to its field, working to produce high quality products for its customers and break the stigma surrounding cannabis that comes from years of illegality. As a result of its contributions to the development of new cannabis genetics, 5 Points Cannabis is 2022’s winner of Best Cannabis Development Business, Quebec, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards. With big plans for the future, there is no doubt that the company will continue to grow throughout 2023 and beyond. Contact: Joël Lalancette Company: 5 Points Cannabis Web Address: Best Cannabis Development Business - Quebec Dec22323

15 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Combining art and cannabis, Drop of Sunshine produces hemp derived products with creative packaging and design. The company is based on the belief that everyone, from painters to construction workers to stay at home parents, is an artist who creates beauty every day. Producing high quality products using carefully sourced organic ingredients, Drop of Sunshine aims to help people begin their journey with cannabis products and take control of their health. Best Creative Hemp & THC Oil Company - Southern USA ssociated with several health benefits, hemp and CBD products are rising in popularity thanks to evidence that suggests they can promote sleep and help with anxiety, depression, joint pain, and more. Selling a range of CBD and hemp THC products for both medicine and recreation, Drop of Sunshine was founded by Eric Welch, a painter and muralist who understands the benefits of cannabis based on 20 years of experience with it. Combining his passion for art with his appreciation for cannabis, he thrives to make the world a more colourful place and to make life a more creative, happier, and healthier experience for everyone. This is the belief that Drop of Sunshine was founded on. The company aims to create clean, effective cannabis products for everyday use, allowing people to add a drop of sunshine to their days and improve their health. Creating high-quality products with a terpene rich formula, the company strives to bring its customers’ inner artists out and empower them to take charge of their lives. The company offers fast delivery on its products, usually shipping 1 or 2 days after the order is received and paid. However, faster delivery is available if customers wish to purchase it. This makes Drop of Sunshine’s products accessible and convenient to purchase. With vapes, tinctures, edibles and even pet products, Drop of Sunshine sells a range of products. The business is committed to quality, protecting its customers through targeted formulas and rigorous testing. In order to ensure safety and precision, all products are tested multiple times during production to make sure they do not contain contaminants. The company guarantees that its products are all natural, safe, and pure, containing no synthetic agents. Dedicated to its customers, Drop of Sunshine also strives to provide excellent customer service and are always there to help when needed, simply because they care about their customers’ journeys with cannabis. The company’s wide range of high-quality well-tested products make them a trustworthy provider of hemp THC and CBD products. Furthermore, with a focus on art, the company produces creative packaging for its products and promotes local artists and artwork through the brand’s Instagram page. As a result of this unique combination, Drop of Sunshine is the winner of Best Creative Hemp & THC Oil Company, Southern USA, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. Contact: Eric Welch Company: Drop of Sunshine Web Address: A Jan23173

16 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Organa Fuel’s clinical grade immune support complex is formulated with only the most effective ingredients plus the highest quality organic extracts available. It is the only natural health supplement that is antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-microbial and fights free radicals. Immune Support Products of the Year - USA he right product for the current health environment. There is a distinct thing about Organa Fuel that separates it from all other health products. Most health supplements are either antioxidant, antiviral or anti-inflammatory. Some are antibacterial and a smaller number are antimicrobial. There are several products that fight free-radicals, and a few products address two or three of these health properties. But there is only one product that addresses all 6 health properties: Organa Fuel. Founded in 2019 a full year before the worldwide pandemic, Organa Fuel’s mission is to raise the collective health levels of everyone in society. The founders believe a healthy community is a strong community with health being the foundation. Unfortunately, the pandemic (and now triple pandemic) has cost millions of lives worldwide and affected the health levels of millions of others. Some have long-term effects that will change their quality of life forever. No one planned for the pandemic. And health and wellness companies did not enhance their products to address the new more challenging health environment. Except Organa Fuel. Organa Fuel is ahead of the curve and built with the belief that a strong immune system is the best protection against the triple pandemic. Noting that vaccines do not prevent illness, Organa Fuel gives you the best natural fighting chance to beat the pandemic. Combined with a balanced diet, exercise and sufficient rest, Organa Fuel can make a huge difference in your short-term and long-term health goals. It was created to maximize the whole you. This all-natural vegan product is gluten, wheat, yeast, soy and dairy free. It is produced in an FDA registered facility which requires the highest level of quality to keep this status. It is triple lab tested to ensure the highest quality ingredients and extracts possible. Made in the USA, Organa Fuel is certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, animal cruelty free with sustainable packaging. The company’s 10 Trust Seals are proof they care about the real you. Organa Fuel combines the strongest and most effective superfood ingredients into one powerful liquid complex that restores internal cells for maximum performance. You can feel the cell rejuvenation while drinking it. It boasts an impressive list of ingredients, including Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, Echinacea, White Willow Bark, Citrus Bioflavonoids Complex, Golden Seal, Ginger Root, Myrrh, Osha Root, Usnea Lichen, Rutin, Thyme, and Purified Silver. Individually each of these ingredients is beneficial to your health. But combined, they provide a supercharge to your internal system to the maximum level possible which is needed in today’s environment. Organa Fuel has all the ingredients you need to stay healthy and sick-free. In addition to reducing the risk of sickness, Organa Fuel helps with several issues, including heart protection, blood circulation, cell restoration, digestive health, energy, muscle aches and recovery, metabolism, respiratory health, pain relief, swelling, healthy aging, stress, cancer protection, blood sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight loss, mood balance, nerve cells, kidney function, mental and physical performance and more. Each ingredient in Organa Fuel was carefully selected for its unique health benefits so everyone can become their best selves. This powerful blend of essential vitamins and nutrients is the ultimate immunity, wellness, and recovery product available. The founders come from the community and deeply care about the collective health of everyone. This is why 10 percent of all net profits is permanently dedicated to community-based organizations specifically in disadvantaged communities. People that live in these communities have more health issues, a trend the company hopes to reverse. Organa Fuel is recommended by doctors for its positive impact on immunity, wellness, and recovery. It can be taken in a variety of ways, be it with honey, with juice or on its own. However, it should not be taken on an empty stomach or given to anyone under the age of 12. Organa Fuel is available in an 8 oz bottle which lasts the average person about a month. The company has 2 oz travel size bottles coming to market by the end of April due to customer demand. The company believes it is better to invest in your health and wellness now instead of spending a fortune on sickness in the future. Health yourself to the best you with Organa Fuel. For more information about the multiple health benefits of Organa Fuel, visit: @organa_fuel (855) 265-8183 T Feb23096

17 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Canada’s ultra-premium cannabis eCommerce retailer, Montrose Cannabis, offers high-quality luxury products and hard-to-get exotic strains at affordable prices to people across Ontario. The company prides itself on its ability to offer free delivery with no minimum order, arriving at customers doors within the hour. The commercial cannabis industry is in its relative infancy, bringing a unique set of challenges to emerging businesses. Montrose Cannabis faces these challenges head-on and advocates for the industry, which is why it has won Best Cannabis eCommerce Business, Canada, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. From incubating future leaders with Ontario Tech University’s innovation centre, to being the first collective to influence its city to allow retail sales of cannabis, Montrose Cannabis has grown significantly since its foundation in 2021. Having started as independent dealers, the company has become an innovative and open-minded collective which aims to provide a fresh supply of cannabis products to the community. Sourcing from eco-conscious suppliers, Montrose Cannabis delivers its luxury products to thousands of clients across Ontario, directly to their door within an hour of purchase, and no delivery fee. The company offers a vast range of products, including pre-rolls, extracts, concentrates, edibles, CBD, and vapes. With the vision Best Cannabis E-Commerce Business - Canada Feb23038 of breaking the stigma that legal cannabis is expensive, it offers competitive and affordable prices on all products. Cannabis has only been legalised in Canada since 2018, meaning the industry of commercial cannabis is incredibly new. As a result, the business is facing challenges, like many others. Nick Baksh, Founder of Montrose Cannabis and advocate for the cannabis industry, says on the topic, “The biggest issue is that banks don’t treat us like every other small business. From credit to different types of accounts, we are extremely limited in what we can do.” Another challenge the company faces is inconsistencies in the product, which it responds to by going directly to growers and producers to get an insight into how they create the products. With transparency between Montrose Cannabis and the product it sells, the company sets itself apart from competitors and aims to set a trend of true transparency between growers and dealers. Further setting itself apart from other commercial cannabis businesses, the company owes its success to its unique team. As members of the community themselves, the team’s interactions with clients are like interactions between friends and family. Nick comments, “What most firms lack is the previous experience in the black market. Those same experiences, relationships, networks and processes are highly valuable in today’s new recreation market.” Over the next few years, Montrose Cannabis aims to further grow as a business and potentially advocate for a legalised framework across the Caribbean islands. With big visions for the future, Montrose Cannabis is the winner of Best Cannabis eCommerce Business, Canada, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. There is no doubt that Montrose Cannabis will continue to succeed in the commercial cannabis industry in the years to come. Contact: Nick Baksh Company: Montrose Cannabis Web Address: