Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022

12 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Galaxiavertical is Portugal’s first dedicated service offering a variety of products and technical support to cultivators of medicinal Cannabis. Committed to the quality of its produce, Galaxiavertical is continually looking for new ways to tackle the challenges faced by cultivators. With the vision of being Portugal’s best primary Cannabis cultivations solutions provider, the company continues to prioritize quality and develop new ways to support licenced cultivators. Best Cannabis Cultivation Solutions Provider - Portugal ocated in Portugal, Galaxiavertical is a nursery dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal Cannabis. Producing at a global scale, it supplies licenced farmers and cultivators with young clones, mature plants, and clones produced through micropropagation. Galaxiavertical’s management team and agricultural engineers and scientists are highly qualified, trained and experienced in the field, meaning they can assist licenced cultivators with producing high quality Cannabis crop. Galaxiavertical is collaborating with Segra International, a renowned industry leader in cannabis Plant Tissue Culture. Segra’s extensive molecular biology and tissue culture intellectual property has enabled them to produce plantlets that are true-to-type, free of detectable pathogens, and offer greater protection against pests and diseases. Their cannabis technology results in increased yields, cannabinoid content & overall plant health. This collaboration enables Galaxiavertical to access proven superior genetics to cultivate and supply to the local EU market. Quality is Galaxiavertical’s priority, so it is always looking for new ways to improve its internal processes, batch to batch, to ensure that clients receive the high-quality clones they expect. This provides them with the best starting point for their flowering cycle. One of the challenges faced by Cannabis cultivators in Portugal is threats to plant health like pests and diseases caused by plant pathogens. These threats can affect the overall quality of the crop and its end potency. Due to the rapidly spreading nature of plant diseases, they can have a detrimental effect on the end product. Plant health issues must be addressed properly due to the major financial impact they can have on a company. In order to defend against diseases, the company uses mother stock derived from tissue-culture, which greatly reduces the risk posed by plant pathogens. Furthermore, the mothers are renewed every 4 months to defend against genetic drift. Galaxiavertical is currently the only nursery in Portugal which provides first generation clones from tissue culture. Recently, the company has commissioned a laboratory for plant health screening, enabling them to screen for several pathogens, mainly Hops Latent Viroid (HLV), Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV) and Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV) and measure Total Yeast Microbial Count (TYMC) and Total Aerobic Microbial Count (TAMC). While certified laboratories have long turnarounds for results, Galaxiaverticals laboratory reports indicative results to the client quickly (1-2 days), which enables them to respond to plant health issues and avoid negative impacts on final crop yields and potency. In a developing industry, Galaxiavertical understands the importance of keeping on top of emerging trends. As technology develops, new ways to improve the efficiency of processes are also developing. Galaxiavertical designs and engineers most processes internally, so it is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce cost in all areas of the business without reducing quality. The company introduced DNA sex testing to accommodate for clients that grow from seeds. When starting from seeds, cultivators risk growing and nurturing male plants which increases operational costs and greatly affects yield and potency of a crop. Moving forwards, the company plans to focus on continuously delivering quality genetics and reaching profitability. In the coming months, it aims to introduce new cultivars to clients. The next Infarmed inspection for the Galaxiavertical team is scheduled for March 2023; this will add a good distribution practice (GDP) licence to the company’s capabilities in the short term. Furthermore, Galaxiavertical is currently preparing its GMP facility for inspection. With GMP certification, the company will be able to offer GMP contract manufacturing services to process cannabis flowers and manufacture API extracts, helping clients to get their product to the market. With its dedication to the field and visions for the future, Galaxiavertical is a worthy winner of Best Cannabis Cultivation Solutions Provider, Portugal, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. Winning this award highlights the company’s expertise in the area and sets it on the right track to achieve its vision of being Portugal’s best primary Cannabis cultivations solutions provider. Contact: Edward Duffy Company: Galaxiavertical SA Web Address: L Jan23155