Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022

16 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Organa Fuel’s clinical grade immune support complex is formulated with only the most effective ingredients plus the highest quality organic extracts available. It is the only natural health supplement that is antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-microbial and fights free radicals. Immune Support Products of the Year - USA he right product for the current health environment. There is a distinct thing about Organa Fuel that separates it from all other health products. Most health supplements are either antioxidant, antiviral or anti-inflammatory. Some are antibacterial and a smaller number are antimicrobial. There are several products that fight free-radicals, and a few products address two or three of these health properties. But there is only one product that addresses all 6 health properties: Organa Fuel. Founded in 2019 a full year before the worldwide pandemic, Organa Fuel’s mission is to raise the collective health levels of everyone in society. The founders believe a healthy community is a strong community with health being the foundation. Unfortunately, the pandemic (and now triple pandemic) has cost millions of lives worldwide and affected the health levels of millions of others. Some have long-term effects that will change their quality of life forever. No one planned for the pandemic. And health and wellness companies did not enhance their products to address the new more challenging health environment. Except Organa Fuel. Organa Fuel is ahead of the curve and built with the belief that a strong immune system is the best protection against the triple pandemic. Noting that vaccines do not prevent illness, Organa Fuel gives you the best natural fighting chance to beat the pandemic. Combined with a balanced diet, exercise and sufficient rest, Organa Fuel can make a huge difference in your short-term and long-term health goals. It was created to maximize the whole you. This all-natural vegan product is gluten, wheat, yeast, soy and dairy free. It is produced in an FDA registered facility which requires the highest level of quality to keep this status. It is triple lab tested to ensure the highest quality ingredients and extracts possible. Made in the USA, Organa Fuel is certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, animal cruelty free with sustainable packaging. The company’s 10 Trust Seals are proof they care about the real you. Organa Fuel combines the strongest and most effective superfood ingredients into one powerful liquid complex that restores internal cells for maximum performance. You can feel the cell rejuvenation while drinking it. It boasts an impressive list of ingredients, including Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, Echinacea, White Willow Bark, Citrus Bioflavonoids Complex, Golden Seal, Ginger Root, Myrrh, Osha Root, Usnea Lichen, Rutin, Thyme, and Purified Silver. Individually each of these ingredients is beneficial to your health. But combined, they provide a supercharge to your internal system to the maximum level possible which is needed in today’s environment. Organa Fuel has all the ingredients you need to stay healthy and sick-free. In addition to reducing the risk of sickness, Organa Fuel helps with several issues, including heart protection, blood circulation, cell restoration, digestive health, energy, muscle aches and recovery, metabolism, respiratory health, pain relief, swelling, healthy aging, stress, cancer protection, blood sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight loss, mood balance, nerve cells, kidney function, mental and physical performance and more. Each ingredient in Organa Fuel was carefully selected for its unique health benefits so everyone can become their best selves. This powerful blend of essential vitamins and nutrients is the ultimate immunity, wellness, and recovery product available. The founders come from the community and deeply care about the collective health of everyone. This is why 10 percent of all net profits is permanently dedicated to community-based organizations specifically in disadvantaged communities. People that live in these communities have more health issues, a trend the company hopes to reverse. Organa Fuel is recommended by doctors for its positive impact on immunity, wellness, and recovery. It can be taken in a variety of ways, be it with honey, with juice or on its own. However, it should not be taken on an empty stomach or given to anyone under the age of 12. Organa Fuel is available in an 8 oz bottle which lasts the average person about a month. The company has 2 oz travel size bottles coming to market by the end of April due to customer demand. The company believes it is better to invest in your health and wellness now instead of spending a fortune on sickness in the future. Health yourself to the best you with Organa Fuel. For more information about the multiple health benefits of Organa Fuel, visit: @organa_fuel (855) 265-8183 T Feb23096