Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022

17 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Canada’s ultra-premium cannabis eCommerce retailer, Montrose Cannabis, offers high-quality luxury products and hard-to-get exotic strains at affordable prices to people across Ontario. The company prides itself on its ability to offer free delivery with no minimum order, arriving at customers doors within the hour. The commercial cannabis industry is in its relative infancy, bringing a unique set of challenges to emerging businesses. Montrose Cannabis faces these challenges head-on and advocates for the industry, which is why it has won Best Cannabis eCommerce Business, Canada, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. From incubating future leaders with Ontario Tech University’s innovation centre, to being the first collective to influence its city to allow retail sales of cannabis, Montrose Cannabis has grown significantly since its foundation in 2021. Having started as independent dealers, the company has become an innovative and open-minded collective which aims to provide a fresh supply of cannabis products to the community. Sourcing from eco-conscious suppliers, Montrose Cannabis delivers its luxury products to thousands of clients across Ontario, directly to their door within an hour of purchase, and no delivery fee. The company offers a vast range of products, including pre-rolls, extracts, concentrates, edibles, CBD, and vapes. With the vision Best Cannabis E-Commerce Business - Canada Feb23038 of breaking the stigma that legal cannabis is expensive, it offers competitive and affordable prices on all products. Cannabis has only been legalised in Canada since 2018, meaning the industry of commercial cannabis is incredibly new. As a result, the business is facing challenges, like many others. Nick Baksh, Founder of Montrose Cannabis and advocate for the cannabis industry, says on the topic, “The biggest issue is that banks don’t treat us like every other small business. From credit to different types of accounts, we are extremely limited in what we can do.” Another challenge the company faces is inconsistencies in the product, which it responds to by going directly to growers and producers to get an insight into how they create the products. With transparency between Montrose Cannabis and the product it sells, the company sets itself apart from competitors and aims to set a trend of true transparency between growers and dealers. Further setting itself apart from other commercial cannabis businesses, the company owes its success to its unique team. As members of the community themselves, the team’s interactions with clients are like interactions between friends and family. Nick comments, “What most firms lack is the previous experience in the black market. Those same experiences, relationships, networks and processes are highly valuable in today’s new recreation market.” Over the next few years, Montrose Cannabis aims to further grow as a business and potentially advocate for a legalised framework across the Caribbean islands. With big visions for the future, Montrose Cannabis is the winner of Best Cannabis eCommerce Business, Canada, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. There is no doubt that Montrose Cannabis will continue to succeed in the commercial cannabis industry in the years to come. Contact: Nick Baksh Company: Montrose Cannabis Web Address: