Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022

4 In February 2022, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa shared an ambitious goal with the nation. Wanting to capitalise on its geographical advantage, South Africa would aim to grow the medical cannabis and hemp industry to provide over 130,000 new jobs. The initiative is already improving the long-term prospects of farming communities across the country. In the capital of the South African Free State province, Bloemfontein, you’ll find a cultivator and distributor of medical cannabis with a difference. RSA Cannabis, also known as ROSAC, has cultivated a unique business model. The company’s aim is not only to improve the lives of patients but of growing communities, too. Jacques says, “ROSAC is on a simple mission to cultivate cannabis throughout South Africa and Africa. We use this process to empower local communities and change the lives of people living within them. Our strong company values and innovative thinking set us apart. This has allowed us to become the beating heart of the cannabis industry in South Africa and Africa.” The home of ROSAC, known as Base Camp Glen, is only the first phase of Jacques’ vision. The company is licensed to grow, process, test, and distribute cannabis and its by-products throughout South Africa. State-of-the-art operational facilities and strategic international partnerships allow for the large-scale production and distribution of ROSAC’s products. Cultivating medical-grade cannabis and hemp plants, ROSAC produces cannabis oil extractions of between 80 and 95% pure THC and CBD distillates destined for national and international use. ROSAC’s registered pharmacy tests and verifies products in its own certified laboratory before transporting them using the company’s established network of distributors. A by-product of the extraction process, hemp is used to manufacture industrial products such as fibre, fabric, biofuel, and 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jan23377 hempcrete. This means that every part of each harvested plant is put to good use. But it’s ROSAC’s community initiative, known as Cannability, that sets the company apart. Jacques explains, “Our business is unique in the sense that it’s about so much more than internal stakeholders. It’s about the entire community around us. Cannability is integral to what we do. It’s about uplifting and empowering local communities with jobs, transport, education, and sustainable food farming. We use a sizeable percentage of profits to enrich the lives of those living in poverty-stricken and oppressed communities. We provide healthcare, transport, water, and other basic human rights.” To date, Cannability has been such a success that ROSAC is now rolling out its cultivation project throughout South Africa by collaborating with farmers in other areas. The company’s compliant and licensed business model offers a complete cultivation, processing, packaging, and distribution solution for farmers looking to diversify in the region. In what it terms as ‘phase 3’ of the project, ROSAC is looking to expand its cultivating ‘Cannamunities’ into other African countries such as Uganda, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Mozambique. Leading Organisation for Cannabis Cultivation - South Africa & GHP Community Excellence Award From small seeds, big ideas grow. When Jacques Swart came up with the concept for his business, RSA Cannabis (ROSAC), he was living in a caravan in the Eastern Cape.That was September 2018. Since then, his innovation and the strategic efforts of his team have seen the idea flourish into a fully-licensed company backed by a team of industry experts. We take a look at the RSA Cannabis business model and how the company has evolved. RSA-Cannabis