Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022

8 Oregon Roots as a grass roots company, has leveraged its experience and unique library of genetics, continuing to provide quality while strategically managing the costs associated with running a leading business in this industry.” Even as a small business, Oregon Roots is one of the most widely recognized cannabis brands with customers across the state – and even further - as visitors to Oregon often return for more. They are committed to growing the finest products and marketing them carefully to help reduce the stigma associated with the use of cannabis in the United States and, perhaps eventually, the rest of the world. The everchanging laws and regulations can be challenging for businesses such as Oregon Roots, as cannabis isn’t legal in much of the world – as well as still being illegal in many U.S. states. Selling outside of Oregon isn’t something that Oregon Roots can do at the moment, which is a pain point of the business due to the fact that the brand cannot be marketed and distributed outside of the state. Jathan adds, “Brand recognition is paramount in promoting our products and we take our branding very seriously.” Although there are limitations, Oregon Roots doesn’t let this dampen its spirit Craft cannabis has become bigger and better across several states in the United States of America, and Oregon Roots is a driving force behind these developments in the industry. Here we talk to its CEO, Jathan Stitch, as Oregon Roots wins this title in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022. Formally established in 2016 and with the 11th license ever issued in the state of Oregon, Oregon Roots Inc. made the transition from medical cannabis to one of the first businesses in the United States to sell cannabis for recreational use, as Oregon was one of the first states to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. Growing indoors and outdoors since its inception, Oregon Roots knows how to cultivate the perfect cannabis for all uses. It has refined its products over the years, and tailored them to its customers’ preferences, so that everyone can enjoy the best, cleanest cannabis on the market. Oregon Roots CEO, Jathan Stitch, tells us “Our goal of providing high-quality flower for every budget has been our mission since day one, and our line of Oregon Roots products continues to evolve to meet that goal, including our premium indoor flower pre-rolls, dabs, vapes, and new line of live resin dabs and carts, all sourced exclusively from our own gardens.” Deeply rooted in enthusiasm for plant cultivation, Oregon Roots’ products are truly reflective of the dedication to creating the smoothest, most beneficial flower that leaves its customers feeling positive. Jathan shares, “In Oregon, as well as the entire west coast, there is an abundance of cannabis available on the market. Fortunately, Best Craft Cannabis Producer - Oregon “Firmly Planted in Oregon Soil.” “We strive to provide the best, clean craft cannabis possible for dispensaries across the state and truly believe in the health benefits associated with quality cannabis.” Photo Credit: