GHP Executive Awards 2017

ghp Executive Awards 2017 | 13 Contact Details Company: Breakthrough Autism Contact: Nancy Marchese Contact Email: Info@ Address: 516 Sixteenth Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 7A7, Canada Phone: 001 416 901 8478 Website: www. Autism Behaviour Analyst of the Year 2017 & Best for Behavioural Development Programming - Canada The team at Breakthrough Autism is led by Nancy Marchese, who has been working with children with autism and their families since 1998. She has worked with some of the top behaviour analysts in the world, and stays current with all the latest and cutting- edge research – all of which are translated into comprehensive and customized programs for children with autism and their families. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Psychological Associate, Nancy completed her Master of Arts in Psychology with a specialization in Behaviour Analysis at the University of Nevada, Reno. Nancy has appeared as a guest on CBC News Toronto, CityTV, CP24, CHCH news, Daytime Toronto, Daytime York, Newstalk 1010, and Hamilton Life as an authority on autism. She is the 2015 recipient of the “Excellence in the Contribution to Behaviour Analysis” award present by the Ontario Association for Behavior Analysis (ONTABA). She discusses how her firm supports the children it cares for and the innovative approach it uses. “At Breakthrough Autism, we believe that every child with autism is capable of reaching his or her full potential. We also understand that in order to help get them there, they need to be recognized as the unique and wonderful individuals that they are. That means creating a meaningful learning environment and using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to addresses their specific needs rather than taking a cookie-cutter Breakthrough Autism is a Canadian based organisation dedicated to supporting children with Autism. We invited Nancy Marchese to tell us more. approach. And it means involving their families along the way, after all, they play the most important role in their child’s growth and development.” “In order to offer the very best support to the children we care for, we believe in supporting our staff reach their full potential. To help our staff realize their dreams, we have developed a unique professional coaching system. Our supervisors work closely with each staff to help them identify their vision for their lives, what it would mean for them to reach their vision, break down their vision into achievable steps, and work together with them on a plan to master each step. This professional coaching system has resulted in a cohesive team made up of staff that are excited and inspired to transform the lives of children with autism.” Ultimately, Breakthrough Autism’s goal is to transform the lives of children with autism and their families, and this will remain its ongoing focus moving forward. delivering a ‘beyond the pill’ solution could make a significant impact in the areas of market access, reimbursement, and differentiation. Leveraging service models, such as Healios, can alleviate co-morbid mental illnesses that surface, to drive better treatment adherence and outcomes.” Proper support for mental health issues is critical across all areas of care. As demands on the UK’s health system grow, passionate entrepreneurs like Richard and innovative companies like Healios could very well be the solution we have all been waiting for. Contact Details Contact: Richard Andrews Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Healios Address: Viceroy House Unit 2, 2nd floor, Mountbatten Business Centre, Millbrook Road East, Southampton, Hampshire, S015 1HY, UK Phone: 0330 124 4222