GHP Executive Awards 2017

ghp Executive Awards 2017 | 17 Sports Physiotherapist of The Year – 2017 & Best For Non - Surgical Care - UK Since inception, BOOST PHYSIO has helped more than 18,000 patients feel fantastic, faster with its unique approach to physiotherapy treatment and care. The BOOST PHYSIO team is made up of extremely experienced physiotherapists who are all trained in the firm’s manual therapy techniques to provide hands on physiotherapy treatment to help people get better more quickly. The team combine this hands on approach with active exercise rehabilitation guidance focusing on dealing with the underlying root of the problem and not just the symptoms. Testimony to the firm’s success is the fact that for successive years BOOST PHYSIO has been an official London Marathon Injury Clinic which demonstrates their capability as Sports Physiotherapist. The BOOST team have helped all sorts of marathon runners overcome injury problems enabling them to achieve their goals and dreams of completing the marathon. Steve discusses the range of clients the firm supports and how it aims to ensure that they receive the very highest standards of service. “Here at BOOST PHYSIO, we have helped a range of people complete their first marathon, or complete a super challenge of four Marathons and everything in between. We understand runners and sports people because we love running and sport. Several of our team have run marathons giving them the unique insight into what it is like to train for and complete a marathon. The BOOST physiotherapists have helped other sports people and teams too, from professional handball teams, Judokas, professional boxers, football teams, skiers, snowboarders, triathletes and even Roller Derby athletes.” BOOST PHYSIO has most of their experience helping the regular person on the street who combines a busy work and family life with a passion for their sport. “Our patients have limited time to train and participate in their sports because most of them are not full- time professional athletes. So when injury does affect their ability to train and do the thing they love, they even have limited time to get treatment for their problem. In this time pressured world that we live in, patients expect and demand quick results. Last year we averaged 4 physiotherapy treatments to get our patients better- that is something we are very proud of” Steven adds. Steven is quick to remind us that patients are always expected to do their part too- and while the patient might only need 2hours of one to one physiotherapy, the patient will have specific tailored home treatment and rehabilitation programme to be doing themselves every day. Patients are always equipped with the knowledge, advice, exercises and stretches to be doing in between physiotherapy appointments to aid their recovery and injury rehabilitation. “Often our role is like that of a coach and athlete, the coach does not run around the track with the athlete, rather the coach guides, educates, formulates what the athlete needs to be doing next to achieve the agreed goals and targets. So too our role as physiotherapist is to guide the patient to their recovery focussing on the identified issues that need fixing,” explains Tyrone Kon, Specialist Physiotherapist at BOOST PHYSIO. Overall, the firm’s staff is central to its success, and as such the company works hard to ensure that they are supported and able to provide the very highest standards of service to its clients. “A physiotherapy clinic’s team are its greatest asset, so attracting the correct type of physiotherapist and developing them with a certain philosophy of and approach to physiotherapy is key to success. The commitment to ongoing investment and development of the physiotherapists and staff within the BOOST PHYSIO team ensures that BOOST PHYSIO is a driven and dynamic team of physiotherapists working across four high street private clinics in London. We invited Director Steven Berkman to talk us through the firm and how it works to ensure clients receive the treatment they need. Contact Details Company: BOOST PHYSIO Contact: Steven Berkman Address: 16 Parson Street, London, NW4 1QB, UK Web Address: whichever physiotherapist a patient sees at BOOST PHYSIO, they receive a consistent experience and type of treatment. We invest in our team by providing monthly high quality physiotherapy training, sending our team to external courses, bringing external experts in to our clinic to meet and speak to the team. Healthcare and physiotherapy are constantly evolving and BOOST PHYSIO’s continuous investment in developing the knowledge and capability of their team ensures that they remain at the leading edge of physiotherapy treatment and provision.” Ultimately, Steven and his team has achieved phenomenal success so far, and as such he is keen to outline the driving factors behind this in his concluding comments. “Fundamentally, the most important test of a physiotherapist’s capability is how well and quickly patients recover from their injury. One can have the best waiting room in town, serving wonderful cappuccinos, but patients ultimately judge the physiotherapist on the results they help the patient achieve. My advice to anyone looking to emulate BOOST PHYSIO’s success is to never lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is to help patients recover quickly and effectively from their injury or condition. The commitment to providing only the very best for one’s patients ultimately leads to success and growth. Patients refer you to their family and friends because of the excellent results you helped them achieve, not because of the great coffee in the waiting room.