GHP Executive Awards 2017

18 | ghp Executive Awards 2017 Award for Excellence in Botanical Medicine - Canada GEX17015 Dynamise Botanicals is a Canadian corporation, located in city of Barrie, providing a wide range of labelling and manufacturing solutions, which Iman discusses. “At Dynamise we provide custom manufacturing, private labeling and packaging services for natural health products, supplements and natural cosmetics. Our clients are premium brand owners, supplement retailers, medical spas, clinics and practitioners. Our facility is GMP and ISO certified; and we serve our clients worldwide. Our expertise is in producing organic botanical extracts such as tinctures; essential oils, liquid supplements and natural cosmetics. “As the head of the organisation it draws vastly from my own experience. My educational background is in natural medicine, as I studied herbs and natural remedies in a six-year college program. However, my true inspiration is from my father who was a pharmacist. He taught me the art of compounding and herbal extraction. Thus, with many years of experience in making natural remedies I am passionate about serving this vital and dynamic industry.” The natural health products, supplements and natural cosmetics markets are all growing rapidly, meaning that firm’s such as Dynamise have to work hard to stay ahead of the increased competition and offer clients the solutions they need. There is a rising demand for herbal remedies, essential oils and natural cosmetics that are cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan- friendly. In order to meet these needs Dynamise strives to meet these positive expectations and consumer demands, as Iman is eager to emphasise. “Dynamise is on a mission to serve the natural health products industry worldwide by providing premium quality products. To achieve this vision, we have implemented stringent and critical quality control measures throughout each process, from raw-material stage to finished product. Central to this is our focus on supporting our clients constantly. We test each batch and lot of finished product for purity, safety and efficacy before its release to our clients, ensuring they receive only the very best. Alongside our products, we offer clients a knowledgeable and dedicated personnel who are great individuals that truly care about providing high quality product and service to our clients. “Fundamentally, Natural remedies are time- tested medicine with rich history of serving humanity, which deserve a better place in global health care system, and at Dynamise we aim to facilitate this.” To ensure that the global healthcare market takes natural remedies more seriously and supports clients who are looking to take them, Iman believes that knowledge is vital. As such his future plans revolve around teaching members of the industry about the benefits of natural remedies, as he highlights in his concluding comments. “Moving forward, central to our plan is to support the future generation of young medical students to study about the efficacy of natural remedies. This will help support both our business and the wider natural remedies market.” Dynamise Botanicals is a dedicated service provider for the custom manufacturing, filling, private labeling, co-packing and packaging markets. We invited Founder Iman Pour Navab to tell us more. Contact Details Company: Dynamise Botanicals Inc. Contact: Iman Pour Navab Contact Email: [email protected] Website: