GHP Executive Awards 2017

ghp Executive Awards 2017 | 19 Best Neurological Physiotherapy Expert 2017 - London Neurolink Physiotherapy is a specialised neurological physiotherapy clinic committed to providing a high quality client centred service, which is tailored to each client, to maximise functional independence. As such, the clinic offers comprehensive evidence based neurophysiotherapy assessments and a dynamic, functional, task-orientated approach to neurological rehabilitation. Its mission is to assist with the holistic rehabilitation and transformation for clients, providing motivational support to allow them to dream bigger for themselves. As well as to create impact in their lives that allows them to live more fully, allowing them to serve their community in their own unique way. The clinic focusses on holistic rehabilitation which includes FES Neuro Physio, Neuro Physio, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Posture awareness, Nutrition education and nutritional support to enhance the physical transformation. Our rehabilitation programmes in London offer a client centred approach and work on goals set by the client. Its Motto is Enable Enhance Empower Unlock Your Potential. Its Vision is to enable their clients to be more independent; to enhance the wider range of activities accessible and explore new possibilities previously thought impossible and lastly; to empower them to succeed at tasks they couldn’t do before or didn’t dream possible. Part of their vision is to see their clients thrive, play full out and share their gifts and talents with the world. Novel, innovative and practical rehabilitation approaches specific to each client are used in order to make their rehabilitation both functional and meaningful and therefore enhance client’s skills, independence and confidence. All of the clinic’s specialist team are state registered and chartered with many years of specialist neurological experience within the National Health Service and private sector. These dedicated professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience and pride themselves on putting the client first, working collaboratively with them through a tailored program to help them set and achieve goals. State of the art equipment is employed to ensure that clients receive the very highest quality of service and support possible. Neurolink Physiotherapy is the first private practice in the London to use a range of large Functional electrical stimulation machines, a five piece Integra wheelchair accessible gym system and a specialist Pilates equipment system. Specialist services offered at the clinic include neuro physiotherapy, FES Neuro Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Postural Solutions and Massage therapy, all of which are provided by qualified experts with strong knowledge of the client and their condition. Personal training services are provided; with neurological clients enjoying the bespoke approach which ensures that the training they are offered meets their needs. Nutritional support is also offered. Gaining an understanding of clients individual energy needs and applying them to their fitness and exercise goals is vitally important, and this is supported by Neurolink Physiotherapy’s dedicated nutritional service, which ensures that clients are controlling the vital variables involved in improving their body composition and strength goals. The clinic draws on the expertise of an incredible team of highly specialist dynamic therapists working very closely together including Director Natalie Woodman, (who is also Clinical Specialist Seating Physiotherapist and an FES Clinical Specialist) as well as Portia Woodman (who is a Clinical Specialist FES Neuro Physiotherapist). Natalie graduated from University of the Western Cape in South Africa in December 1995 with a BSc Physiotherapy (Hons) degree. She has extensive experience and a sound knowledge in working with Neurological conditions which she draws on when Neurolink Physiotherapy Ltd is a London based clinic which specialises in assessing and treating people with neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke or spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s disease. We profile this dynamic firm and how it draws on the experience and expertise of Director and Clinical Specialist Natalie Woodman to succeed. Contact Details Company: Neurolink Physiotherapy Ltd Contact: Natalie Woodman Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 57-63 Church Road Second floor suite, London, SW19 5SB, UK Phone: 020 3195 2723 Website: GEX17004 working with every client at the clinic. Natalie completed a PGC in Posture Management for People with complex disabilities in 2006. She completed a post graduate certificate in Rehabilitation Pilates through Polestar in 2010. She is an advance FES Specialist therapist and works with a wide range of wireless FES systems and FES seated machines, and is therefore well placed to support clients when using this equipment and these practices. Portia graduated from Cape Town University in December 1996 with a BSc Physiotherapy (Hons) degree. Portia has extensive experience and a very robust knowledge in working with Neurological conditions. She has worked in a senior post and as a clinical specialist in various hospitals in the NHS, private sector and charity based hospitals. Portia completed a PGC in Posture Management for People with Complex Disabilities in 2005. She has an MSc in Rehab at St George’s University in 2008. She is a FES Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist and works with a wide range of wireless FES systems on a daily basis. Portia is currently completing a PhD at St George’s in developing a conceptual model of participation and developing a measure of barriers to participation post Stroke. She also lectures on the MSc in Rehab program at St George’s University. Ultimately it is the combination of specialist support, tailored treatment plans and cutting edge equipment that sets Neurolink Physiotherapy apart from other clinics and marks it out as the best possible option for its clients.