GHP Executive Awards 2017

4 | ghp Executive Awards 2017 Best Medical Device Manufacturing VP - Midwest USA & Best in Hydrogen and Methane Testing Solutions Established in 1962, QuinTron provides an array of analyzers used primarily in the gastroenterology field with aiding medical professionals to determine what may be the root-cause of their patient’s gastrointestinal disorders/conditions such as carbohydrate malabsorptions/intolerances (lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, etc.) and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Additionally, QuinTron breath analyzers and breath-test collections systems are renowned and used world-wide for many other applications such as: pharmaceutical research, veterinary sciences, cancer research, naturopathic medicine, and other various fields where food intolerances and gastrointestinal issues exist. Eric discusses the firm’s history: “QuinTron Instrument Company began manufacturing specialized gas chromatographs (GCs) for respiratory gas analysis in the pulmonary field in 1962. Shortly after, in the 1970s, a gastroenterologist approached us seeking analysis of trace concentrations of hydrogen, which led us to manufacture analyzers specifically for breath tests in 1978. “Following this development, in 1981 we introduced our first analyzer for this special application and from that time forward, QuinTron became dedicated to this special field and developed multiple lines of analyzers and accessories which are utilized around the world. Gastroenterologists were the first specialists to use this application to offer non-invasive testing to their patients. As additional studies were performed with our analyzers and supplies, breath testing reached a much larger audience including natural practitioners, chiropractors, nutritionists, veterinarians, multinational food- product and technology corporations such as MARS, Danone, PepsiCo, Intel, governmental agencies such as National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Canadian Space Agency, European Space Agency United States Department of Agriculture, National Institutes of Health, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and The Technion Israel Institute of Technology. “From the beginning we were involved in answering the questions of physicians and technical staff about techniques of breath-gas analyses for the special field of disaccharide malabsorption. My grandfather, Dr. Lyle Hamilton, Ph.D. felt right at home addressing their questions about disaccharide malabsorption, bacterial overgrowth, and intestinal transit time because he had already spent 20 years teaching physiology to medical students, residents, and fellows at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “As our knowledge grew from information in the literature provided by academic gastroenterologists, QuinTron’s business grew. We invented new devices for improved sample collection and developed new instruments to meet the needs of workers in the field. Consistent with his academic background, Dr. Hamilton prepared “tutorials” for workers who needed to understand more about the methods they were being asked to use. In 1992, we formulated a monograph based on the tutorials, with some information added about protocols and descriptions of our basic instrumentation. We included supporting references and called it “Breath Trace-Gas Tests and Gastroenterology.” It was distributed to customers and others who were interested in the topic. Interestingly enough, the monograph is still used today by many people trying to understand the basics of our industry.” As Eric explains, breath-testing has developed into an important diagnostic tool in the practice of gastroenterology over the past 50 years QuinTron Instrument Company, Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer of both non-invasive breath/trace gas analyzers measuring hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide as well as breath/gas collection systems and test kits. Eric Hamilton, Vice President, talks us through the firm and its innovative range of products. GEX17009