Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 11 , Oct19195 Best Personal Training Centre - South West England Support and taking it at one’s own pace is vital for fitness success, as well as constant encouragement. Helping clients across the SouthWest of England achieve their fitness goals, Les Slinn Personal Training offer a truly bespoke training service to help anyone seeking to get fit. We caught up with founder Les to understand his motivations, successes and future plans for the business. Prior to founding his own personal training business in 2005, Les Slinn worked as a leading personal trainer with a mainstream gym. But that wasn’t enough for him. Realising he truly cared about his clients as more than a number in a system, Les took the bold decision to give up his job and pour his energies into opening both his and the town’s first personal training studio in Swindon. Determined to gain more training qualifications, Les went on to add GP referral, applied nutrition, health related exercise for children, psychology and behavioural change certificates to his collection. Thus, Les Slinn Personal Training began to take shape. Les talks us through the expansion since the company’s inception, saying, “It soon became apparent that I was out growing of this unit and needed to expand into the current 2,000 sq ft unit. The amount of people I was training was increasing, so in 2007 I took on my first PT Richard Phillips to help with the workload. I now currently have 5 PTs, 2 sports therapists, and 3 external class instructors working for LSPT.” Working with clients ranging from eight to eighty years old, Les’ training is suitable for anyone looking to get fit for any number of reasons. Some have wanted to lose weight or be more toned, and some have come in for a sports-specific role, whether it be football, ice hockey, ice skating, or rugby. The team have worked with people who have been experiencing tough times, especially those suffering with cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and various mental health conditions. Always professional and courteous, Les and his team have dealt with many people over the years, and are well-equipped to work with any client. Having worked with all manner of clients, Les explains how his team ensure every client gets a unique experience. “We offer a bespoke training service in which all clients go through medical screening forms and will then undertake a full fitness test regardless of ability, this includes BP, flexibility, strength, core and VO2 max checks. Once we have this information, we then have a benchmark to work to, and we can design training to guarantee results. All clients who train are looked after and all will wear a heart rate monitor which links to the equipment and personal watches of the trainers.” Les is keenly aware that his sector is a thriving one, with more people attuned to their bodily needs than ever before. Fitness and nutrition are vitally important in leading a healthy lifestyle and increased government pushes towards healthy living are meaning that people are turning to personal trainers as a way of getting fit. Les talks us through his motivation and techniques for helping people. “It is a flourishing sector which is good, as it means more and more people are looking after themselves by keeping fit. The techniques we use are simple; we care for an individual who comes in, want them to succeed, and will do anything to help that person.”. Care is at the centre of everything Les and his team do, driving them to work with everyone who steps foot in the door. From it’s humble beginnings as a dream in Les’ mind to the excellent training facility it is now, Les Slinn Personal Training has become more than a place of fitness for the people of England’s South West region. It is a community of support, encouragement and inspiration that anyone can achieve their goals. Les signs off by excellently summing up what his company stands for; “We just want to help as many people as we can, helping them achieve, believe and succeed in becoming what they want to be.”. Contact: Les Slinn Website: