Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

12 GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 , Sep19478 Best Asian Fitness Brand 2019 & GHP Distinction Award for Yoga Classes & Facilities Established in 2004, The True Group has risen over the last fifteen years to become one of Asia’s largest wellness groups, delivering state-of-the-art facilities aimed at offering people the chance to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness and yoga. The brand nowhouses 24 outstanding clubs across Singapore and Taiwan. Discover the story of this group’s success as we profile them following their win in our Fitness and Nutrition Awards. Since its formation fifteen years ago, True Group has expanded to include three main brands: True Fitness (which includes True Yoga), Yoga Edition, and TFX. Each of the three brands provide specialised fitness and yoga facilities and exercise programmes, with some specialising in specific areas. A home-grown Singaporean and Asian brand, True Group has become a major player in both the Singapore and Taiwan markets. In an industry where bigger players with longer histories have often dominated, this ever-growing fitness group is standing out through delivering quality service and programmes. Of the three brands, True Fitness and TFX offer gyms that house a large variety of strength, cardio, and functional training equipment. Their specialities include obstacle race training, personal training, and group classes of varying sizes from cycling, yoga and dance, to high-intensity interval training classes, and much more. Its TFX flagship premium brand houses an array of carefully curated fitness equipment from the world over and a variety of workout experiences that merge boutique and big-box gym concepts. Launching in December 2019, TFX’s third club will open at Millenia Walk mall in Singapore. It will become the largest commercial gym facility in Singapore at 41,700 square ft, with a massive obstacle race training zone. But for True Group, the expansion doesn’t stop there. The group is constantly on the lookout for new sites and opportunities to open more clubs and are currently planning further upgrades to their existing facilities to enhance the member experience. Building on the increasing importance of mind-body wellness, the group launched its premium Yoga Edition brand in early 2019 to complement its True Yoga offering. Both brands provide an exclusive and authentic yoga experience with professional yoga teachers from the world over teaching classes and personal training for all levels from Beginner’s Yoga for gentle stretches and muscular toning to barre, hot, wall and aerial yoga, amongst others. In addition, Yoga Edition is the only fitness facility in Taiwan to offer 4D Immersive Yoga where participants practice amid video projections of azure oceans or quiet bamboo forests. For anyone looking to make fitness a key part of their lives, starting at True Group is a great way to do it, with a selection of membership types to suit different lifestyles and training options that can be customised to suit any needs. Throughout it all, the staff act as the beating heart of the business, helping members reach their personal goals. To help achieve this, the group’s staff look to constantly ‘upskill’, with the True Group Fitness Academy providing in-house training for its fitness trainers and the Learning and Development department providing customer service training to front-of-house staff. Ultimately, the success of True Group across Asia is down to their continued growth and ability to deliver best-in-class fitness and wellness services that make a mark against large international brands. Offering cutting-edge fitness experiences with staff that are as dedicated to success as the members are, these gyms are the place to be to get fit. Company: True Group Contact: Ken Mok, CEO Website: AR Roman1 Extra-Regular AR Gothic1 Light-Regular C 49 M 100 Y 0 K 60 pantone p90-16C 255U C 25 M 30 Y 39 K 0 pantone p23-4C 4745U YOGA EDITION LOGO