Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 13 , Sep19408 Best Full-Service Health & Fitness Business – Colorado & Health Coach & Personal Trainer of the Year - Denver Drawing on the expertise of its Founder and Namesake, Bill Ross Fit offers a complete health, fitness and wellness service. To celebrate the firm’s win of not one but two of the highly-coveted Fitness and Nutrition Awards for 2019 we profile the firmand share an overview of the secrets behind its success. Providing a complete fitness and wellness package, Bill Ross Fit can offer everything from personal training through to fitness and nutritional support, as well as health and lifestyle coaching. Founder Bill Ross provides an exclusive service, and does not publicise the results of his work online to protect the privacy of his discerning clientele. Specializing in corrective exercise with weight loss through behavior change, Bill is able to drive lasting change for his clients. Each service is personalised to the clients’ specific needs, lifestyle and goals. Bill creates bespoke fitness and nutrition plans and works with his clients to ensure that they achieve their aims by using the benefit of his extensive market expertise. Over the past 27 years Bill has been working in the health and fitness market, learning that every single person is different bio-mechanically, as well as, behaviourally. He uses this knowledge to provide his clients with an innovative service offering that they cannot find elsewhere. As a one-stop location for all their health and fitness needs, clients can rely on Bill to provide them with everything from meal plans through to yoga and meditation services, all tailored around them to provide them with results they can be proud of. It is this all-encompassing service offering that sets Bill Ross Fit apart from its other companies in the competitive health and fitness market. Looking to the future, Bill Ross Fit will continue to evolve to ensure that clients continue to enjoy the exceptional services that they have come to expect and rely on. Currently, Bill is developing a 12-week online program for men to improve their lives through behavior change, nutrition and exercise. He is also writing a second book to share his experience, and this, alongside the announcing international seminars he intends to host in 2020 on the modern health and fitness world, will help him to share his expertise with both his clients and the wider market. Company: Bill Ross Fit Name: Bill Ross Address: 2468 South Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222 Telephone Number: 17209856623 Web Address: