Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 15 , Sep19409 Best Aquatic Fitness App Developers 2019 App developers Paradise have created an innovative solution to helping individuals of all abilities to improve their fitness: Ability Fix, an accessible solution designed to empower a person to get fit regardless of their current physical ability level if they can get into a pool. We profile this unique solution to find out more. Cutting-edge aquatic fitness app Ability Fix provides an easy- to-follow exercise routine customised for any person who wishes to use the properties of water to improve their health and wellness. When exercising in any body of water, users are be guided through easy-to-understand aquatic exercises that will incre- mentally improve their balance, flexibility, strength, and cardio with less pain. This creative solution categorises its exercises by a person’s ability level. All of its activities are de- signed to accommodate all types of impairments. Individuals can select from predefined workouts or customize their own routine based on a variety of criteria. Then, they enter a pool and listen to the entire workout through speakers or waterproof Bluetooth headphones, just as if they were being taught live by a profession- al aquatic instructor. There are five distinct levels of aquatic workouts and exercises that meet anyone's specific ability level. As a result, Ability Fix can be used by anyone from those in rehabilitation through to profes- sional athletes. There is no need to modify any exercise since the app records the exercises and the user’s ability level, allowing anyone to use this innovative solution to improve their fitness. Whilst the app will have a diverse following once launched and can be used in a number of applica- tions, it is particularly beneficial for a medical professional, or car- egiver, as it allows them to create an exercise routine specifically tailored to their client and then share it with them. All the exercises are created as an individual file and can be played in any order, much like a music playlist. This makes it possible for a Physical Thera- pist to easily recommend a post treatment exercise regimen. It is also easy enough that an adult child could help an ailing parent get the exercise they need. Unique to the market, Ability Fix is one of the first specifically aquatic fitness apps, making it an ideal solution for anyone working on improving their fitness in water. With so many solutions on the market, being a pioneer is important as it helps the app to offer a truly innovative service that cannot be found elsewhere. Set to launch at the beginning of 2020, Ability Fix will be launching the app with 50 exercises and three Ai Chi routines. Moving forward, developers Paradise will enhance the app to include even more exercises and functions in line with user feedback and the prevailing trends in the fitness tech- nology market to ensure its solution remains at the very cutting-edge of the latest market developments. Once the app has launched, Paradise will be recruiting more talent and increasing the number of exercises available, creating predefined workouts to make it even easier to use, and expand- ing on the social aspects to allow people to further replicate a class experience by being able to chat with one another while doing the same exercise routine. Additionally, the team will look into bringing the interface to the Apple Watch, and perhaps other fitness trackers, so that it can enhance its usability as the solution develops. Fundamentally, through the de- velopment of Ability Fix the team at Paradise are trying to help bridge the gap between the clinic and the gym. The firm’s team is excited to see how its solution progresses post-launch and will be hoping it will become a hit with caregivers, healthcare profes- sionals and physical therapists over the coming years. Name: Perry Nixdorf Address: 3430 Executive Pointe Way, Carson City, NV 89706 Telephone Number: 1 775 883-4434 Web Address: