Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

16 GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 , Nov19031 Medical Fitness Center of the Year 2019 - North West Malaysia Looking and feeling good is amajor factor in attending the gym. Building a fitter, healthier and stronger body is something that everyone aspires to, but the road to feeling this way can be challenging. KeWynn, and his Malaysian fitness center provide their clients with the necessary tools to reinvent their bodies. Recently, we profiled this award-winning company to find out more. For Ke Wynn, the art of fitness isn’t to be found in pursuing the perfect body according to society’s norms. Far from the ideal situation being one of six-pack abs or the ability to match athletic capabilities, Wynn operates on the principle of corrective fitness, which is taking what your body is capable of doing and training individuals to achieve this potential on their own terms. He is fed by the desire to change peoples’ lives for the better, and this explains his prolific body of work outside of his fitness center in the form of e-books, pieces for high-profile magazines and community work with the “Just-Walk! Penang” initiative. It is his, and his team’s, work within the fitness center that Wynn’s vision really comes to life. As someone who was once overweight, Wynn believes strongly in a holistic approach to the gym and maintaining a high level of fitness. This means setting up specific programs and techniques specific to the individual covering several aspects of life. Not only providing fitness advice, Wynn supplies his clients with personalized nutritional advice and encourages rest to allow for muscle recovery after good exercise. When it comes to going to the gym, this advice is highly bespoke too, accounting for any number of demands on a client ranging from old injuries to developing Parkinson’s disease. Wynn and his team are fully- equipped to provide medical fitness services to those with many common health conditions, whether it’s heart disease, diabetes or obesity. These carefully-calibrated exercises are made to fit the needs of the client instead of using generic difficult exercises that can potentially injure someone. It’s not unheard of for Wynn and his team to hear about people being hurt by improper form or overtraining, and therefore their center is focused on extending the body’s durability for the long haul of life. This risk of injury can come from any sort of fitness endeavor. Where weight-lifters can focus on strength at the expense of flexibility, there are also yoga enthusiasts who push the limits of their stretches to the point of joint laxity that can make them vulnerable too. The staff at the Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Center are trained specially to treat each client as unique, focusing their treatment on the weaker areas of a client’s physical ability. They are able to offer exceptional bespoke advice to develop an individual’s overall fitness and wellbeing, regardless of their age, strength or health. With considerable experience in those requiring sports rehabilitation, Wynn offers a special corrective exercise program that improves functionality and recovery from surgery or sports injuries. This can involve a sports massage to stimulate repair for overworked or injured muscles. It’s clear that Wynn’s holistic approach to fitness and general health is providing a solution to those who need it. By focusing on all aspects of the body, from what you eat to when you sleep, and treating each body as individual, he and his team have encouraged a form of fitness that serves their client incredibly well. Breaking down the societal expectation is difficult to do, but the Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Center has done exactly this. Taking the emphasis off the aesthetics of fitness, Wynn ensures that his clients have bodies fit for the future. Contact: Ke Wynn Lee Company: Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Center Web Address: