Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 17 , Sep19537 Best Modern Indoor Fitness Facility - County Durham Based in Durham, GymUnique Limited is an indoor, state-of-the-art fitness facility, which hosts an impressive range of fitness equipment, classes and unique activities. With a variety of memberships for their diverse clientele, discover how this award-winning gym is titled the best modern indoor fitness facility in County Durham. Since their inception, Gym Unique Limited have worked with a diverse range of cli- ents, all with different needs and requirements. Wheth- er it is simply using the gym or requiring additional support, Gym Unique Limited have a selection of memberships on offer for their clients to choose from which will suit their individual needs. By all regards, Gym Unique’s offering has certainly proven popular, with almost 1000 new members signing up within two years of the gym’s opening. From monthly free personal training sessions and check-ins for members through to eight- week transformation programs, the business ensures that each individual they work with is a client of Gym Unique Limited as a whole. Partnering with various members of staff, clients are guaranteed to receive copious amounts of support and training by the team to ensure that they achieve their end goal. Providing the business with the platform to offer this level of service, is Gym Unique Limited’s committee of members who are constantly providing feedback to the team. As a result of using this information, the team at Gym Unique Limited have started updated their class timetable every quarter at request of their members. In addition to this, there also a private members discus- sion forum to chat and engage with all members. As for how the team at Gym Unique Limited are able to remain this connected with clients, is by ensuring that they are constantly up-to-date with all of the latest technology and tracking both workouts and nutrition. By using class booking apps and smart watch classes, Gym Unique Limited are able to go the extra mile ensuring that they are able to deliver clients’ ideal results. Ultimately, there are a number of gyms which open throughout towns and cities nationwide on a regular basis, but for Gym Unique Limited they hope to remain at the forefront of this competitive industry by continuing to provide their clients with the best possible service they can. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Gym Unique Limited will continue to not only meet their clients’ requirements but also exceed their expecta- tions. Going forward, Gym Unique Limited have exciting plans which lie in the pipeline, which includes expanding their site to double its current size, as well as rebrand- ing the business to a health club in the years to come. Contact: Chris Fairless and Aaron Arkley Company: Gym Unique Limited Address: Gym Unique, Rennys Lane, DH1 2RS Telephone: 01919178230 Web Address: