Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

20 GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 , Oct19081 Best Community Sports & Wellness Specialist - Abu Dhabi Believing that health is the best kind of wealth, Advantage Sports UAE has grown over the last eight years to become one of the most respected and well-known sports training companies across the Emirates. Spearheaded by veteran tennis coachMatthew Inglis and his wifeMaria, discover how this sensational sports company are encouragingmore people to get healthy, and have funwhilst doing it. Founded in 2011 in Dubai, Advantage Sports was born of a passion to share sport and fitness knowledge with the youth of today. Matthew Inglis, a former tennis coach with twenty-two years’ experience under his belt, launched the company before partnering with his wife Maria in 2014. As the ever-growing demand for sporting activities across the UAE required even more from the company, Matthew and Maria expanded into Abu Dhabi to add more sports and diversification to the brand. Now firmly established as a market leader within the realm of sports, health, and fitness, this award- winning company is garnering the international acclaim it so rightfully deserves. Since consolidating all operations and activities to solely Abu Dhabi, Advantage Sports has become renowned for its sporting and fitness programmes across the Emirates. Having partnered with various venues, corporations, and educational institutes, the company’s reputation has seen it deliver some of the most high-quality training programmes within tennis, football, basketball, swimming, functional training classes, and personal training. Across the sports and fitness classes that Advantage Sports offer, there are a great number of skill classes within. Tennis is firstly broken down into mini, junior, and adult tennis, and for adults, they can choose between beginner, improver, intermediate, advanced, and cardio classes. Clients can learn to volley, rally, serve, and move across the court, all at their own pace within their own skill bracket. Employing only the finest, most qualified, and most experienced sports professionals in the UAE, each class is taught on the basis of valuing quality over quantity. Every single client, regardless of what stage they are at in their fitness journey, can benefit from the expertise on offer at Advantage Sports. The team of trainers will work tirelessly to help clients gain the knowledge needed to achieve their fitness goals, along with constant encouragement and motivation to keep them on track. Able to talk in a myriad of languages from English, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Italian and Spanish clients can work alongside a trainer or coach who understands them and speaks their language. There are three core elements that Matthew and Maria have implemented within Advantage Sports to ensure that the company continues with its best practice: staff training, REPS accreditation, and TechnoGym equipment. Firstly, the company provide quarterly internal training courses for all staff which cover a wide variety of topics. As well as ensuring that everyone is able to continue and renew training qualifications, staff also attend the annual MeFit PRO MeFitSummit, where they can take part in numerous workshops with accredited trainers and learn from the best educators in the fitness and wellness arenas. REPS, or the Register of Exercise Professionals, is an independent, public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of fitness professionals working in the UAE. The register’s primary role is to protect people who take part in exercise and physical activity. Providing assurance and confidence, the REPS makes sure that all professionals on it are appropriately qualified and have the knowledge, competence, and skills to perform their role effectively. All of the trainers and coaches at Advantage Sports are registered with REPS, giving clients that extra peace of mind when training. Finally, Advantage Sports are fully approved and affiliated with equipment providers TechnoGym. Continued delivery of various training solutions for both private and corporate clients can be greatly enhanced with TechnoGym equipment, and the team of trainers and coaches are continually learning to develop their equipment skills to deliver that training. Keen to embrace the UAE’s new National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031, Advantage Sports are at the heart of promoting an integrated concept of wellbeing. Including ninety supporting initiatives targeting more than forty priority areas, this new national strategy will enable Matthew, Maria and the whole team to help redefine sports, fitness and wellness services across Abu Dhabi. What began with one man’s passion has slowly but surely evolved over eight years to become a beacon of sports, fitness, and healthy living across the UAE. With the global wellness economy now worth upwards of four trillion dollars, there has never been a better time for clients to join in, and take Advantage. Contact: Maria Inglis Website: