Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 21 , Oct19452 F I T N E S S F I T N E S S Best Personal & Group Training Centre 2019 - Ottawa It’s easy to settle into a regular routine, one that is safe and comfortable, where you are not being challenged or pushed. On the other hand, it is not easy to break out of this habit, but the team 180 Fitness thinks it can transformyour life and empower you to do somethingmore. We caught up with Owner, Adrian Delorey to find out more about how transforms the lives of his clients. Since 2007, Adrian Delorey has offered something more than a gym to the residents of Ottowa. Through educating, empowering and enriching his clients, he and his “Team of Awesome” have rapidly expanded the business to create a complete transformation center. This is where clients are helped to make a change in their lives in the pursuit of enlightenment. To begin with, we asked Adrian what 180 Fitness offered to its clients that no other organisation does. “At 180 Fitness, we focus on weight loss, but our main goal is to assist clients achieve their true potential,” he explains. Offering a selection of bootcamps, of which no two are the same, along with personal training and group training, none of which have been repeated in the last twelve years, it seems Adrian and his team provide everything someone would need to improve their fitness. To this, Adrian credits the “incredible community and likeminded coaches – the gym nearly burnt down in October 2016 and clients only lost one day of training.” This amazingly high resilience to difficult circumstances suggests something a little deeper than a simple dedication to fitness. We asked Adrian how he and his team managed to keep going, leading clients to enriching themselves no matter what. For him, it’s a case of mind over matter. “We all know what to do (give or take) when it comes to eating right and exercising, however we simply fail to do what we know due in large part to what is in between our ears,” explains Adrian. “This is why I’ve developed a mindset structure and system over the past nine years. I went so far as getting certified as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner to better assist my clients, helping them to let go of limiting beliefs and perceptions that might be holding them back.” Of course, it’s one thing to provide a service, and quite another to keep it flourishing as successfully as Adrian has. Adrian attributes the success of 180 Fitness to CANI: “Constant and never- ending improvement,’ Adrian smiles. “We have our coaches stay up to date with the latest and greatest coaching techniques. Weekly team meetings. quarterly reviews and team get togethers with coaches and all clients – building the community.” The importance Adrian ascribes to the community (colloquially titled The Wolfpack) is infectious. His passion and drive to continue improving what 180 Fitness can offer seems almost limitless. Wanting to take advantage of the developing online landscape, he’s already planning for his own podcast to share his views with a wider audience. Even so, “We want to create incredible experiences for our clients,” Adrian explains. “Ones they will never forget. Going on a surfing retreat or a hiking retreat would really bring our clients together and expand our own reach. We hope to run our first retreat by the end of 2020.” Now moving forward into an exciting new era of growth, Adrian and his Team of Awesome have a number of projects already in the pipeline for the years to come. With a strong client-base that continues to grow stronger, it’s no wonder that this gym offers something a little more ambitious than regular fitness. Adrian credits his staff for creating and maintain an atmosphere, which focuses on achievement and transformation. “This is a collective of likeminded passionate individuals who give it their all day in and day out,” says Adrian finally. “That doesn’t go unnoticed and is felt throughout the community we have built together.” It’s the community that sets 180 Fitness apart and the reason behind the incredible success the team have had to date. Contact: Adrian Delorey Company: 180 Fitness Web Address: Telephone: 0016137492267