Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

4 GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 , Best Online Health &Wellness Coaching Training Coach 2019 & Leading Experts in Holistic Training & Education 2019 AWellness Revolution represents the future of healthcare. Perhaps that is a bold statement tomake, but through its leading wellness coaching it is helping to create future leaders in the industry that understand the importance of holism in healing. We spoke with Founder Cathleen Beerkens to find out more about her pursuit to create a new, wholly better paradigm in the healthcare and wellness industries. “Together we are committed to promoting education about holistic wellness, focusing on the connections between body, mind and spirit through our accredited and comprehensive course, community classes and continued education program.” - Cathleen Beerkens, Founder of A Wellness Revolution Change is coming to the global health landscape. There’s a developing understanding that people are, at their heart and fundamentally, individuals with unique needs and requirements. More than that, there’s a realisation that health is more than just the body – more than the physical, measurable symptoms. It’s a complex interplay between the mind, spirit and general wellbeing, all feeding into the bigger picture of ‘you’. In a word, health is becoming more holistic and medicine, in turn, is moving to consider a whole host of variables that were, not that long ago, considered almost irrelevant. Cathleen Beerkens founded A Wellness Revolution with all of this in mind, recognising a need to guide health to a future that was defined by a greater understanding of everything that influences wellbeing and wellness. Medically trained, Cathleen saw the problems first-hand that were born of a thoroughly cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to generalised healthcare. Further, she realised, ultimately, that being completely and truly ‘well’ is a different thing to being merely physically healthy. In that, A Wellness Revolution remains driven in its goal of creating a new health paradigm, and a new generation of health leaders who are equipped to deliver real changes to the way people think about their own health. Whilst personalised medicine is gaining momentum on the back of developing technology – specifically when it comes to innovation in genetic sequencing- the symbiotic relationship between individual thought patterns, behaviours, mental state, eating habits and so on are only just being understood and capitalised on. Much of the ground gained in this arena can be put at Cathleen’s feet, and her efforts to reinvent best practices in the industry through coaching. “I believe that coaching is the answer right now to help the medical profession make a necessary shift towards better, more effective care. We believe that when people understand the body, mind and spirit connection – the way we work as a whole – they start to change, and they start to heal on another level.” A Wellness Revolution trains individuals to become Certified Health and Wellness Coaches through their accredited and comprehensive courses. “The coaching course is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and, upon completion of this course, one will earn 63 hours for ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)™”, Cathleen adds. It’s clear that Cathleen understands the importance of regulation and its role in ensuring that health and wellness coaching achieves the heights it so deserves. Expectations need to be established – and uniform – to allow for greater integration in the medical arena. “Guidelines need to be in place, and there needs to be regulation to ensure that everyone understands what health and wellness coaching can achieve, and how it can compliment traditional medicine.” Securing legitimacy in an industry which seems rigid and unyielding naturally remains a challenge, but it is one that Cathleen is confident can be overcome through education. “Current medical practitioners simply do not have the time to Oct19176