Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019

6 GHP / Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 , Best Magnesium Supplements Manufacturer - UK Renowned for their cutting-edge research and expert knowledge, ITL Health is dedicated to creating premium supplements that are innovative, ahead of their time and affordable for the average consumer. Founded by George Esser just over ten years ago, discover the secrets to this supplement manufacturer’s success following their deserved recognition in Global Health & Pharma’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards. Born in 2008, ITL Health is the brainchild of George Esser, a philanthropist blessed with the mind of an inventor. The firm’s flagship product is undoubtedly MAG365, magnesium supplements that are the most natural, absorbable, effective and fast-action available on the market today. Beginning with one product, the firm continued to expand and innovate, creating a range of magnesium-based products that do wonders for the body’s systems. Combining magnesium carbonate and citric acid, MAG365 features unique processes that have put the firm’s magnesium supplements at the forefront of the industry. By adding hot water, the carbonate in the magnesium disperses and causes a fizz of activity. During the fizz, the magnesium ion is forced to bind to the citric acid, creating ionic magnesium citrate, the aforementioned unique process, and resulting in the first form of magnesium supplement that ITL Health are known for today. From there, the company took the product one step further, introducing MAG365 BF. Pioneering the industry, this was the first bone formula on the market that didn’t contain added calcium. The human body requires co-factors to take the calcium from the organs, arteries, brain, eyes, joints and more and transport it into the bones and teeth, as well as excrete any excess. ITL Health’s bone formula contains those much- needed co-factors and more for optimal bone, brain and cardiovascular health. Every single ingredient that ITL Health use in their supplements are researched thoroughly to make sure customers are getting exactly what they’re promised. A customer may not be aware that Vitmain K2 degrades in the presence of magnesium and calcium, and so the firm use a double encapsulated Vitmain K2 to ensure its integrity from the time it’s manufactured until it’s consumed. Whilst the encapsulated version costs much more to make, the firm absorbs much of that cost to ensure customers are still paying affordable prices for their supplements. Selling mainly through independent health stores, ITL Health’s target audience is broad. An estimated 80% of the population has a magnesium-deficiency, and since it is a co-factor in more than 600 enzymatic bodily processes, many symptoms can be mitigated through the firm’s products. As well as getting the product on shelves, the firm also spend time educating and supporting store staff with valuable knowledge, letting them try the products for themselves. For some of those stores, not only is MAG365 the top-selling magnesium supplement in the store, but the best-selling product overall. It doesn’t get better than that. In addition to MAG365, ITL Health has an additional brand called PrizMAG, which is a line of pure magnesium bisglycinate capsules, and is one of the first on the market to contain no fillers, binders, magnesium stearate (for easy manufacturing) or magnesium oxide. Looking to the future, ITL Health are committed to streamlining the manufacturing process and reinventing how supplements are made. Producing their goods on a smaller scale means that the firm can cater to smaller target markets whilst still expanding globally. Not prepared to back anything that they wouldn’t take themselves, the MAG365 product line is small for now. However, the team are currently developing a topical line of products and more ionic supplements to increase bioavailability in products that traditionally have a lower absorption rate. Ultimately, there is a reason that there is significant difference between a £14.95 tub of ionic citrate powder, and a £5 bottle of magnesium oxide; quality and absorbability. Not content with being recognised across numerous platforms and industry awards, they remain diligently focused on their founding values and to produce a line of supplements that, simply, work. All in all, ITL Health’s MAG365 products are delivering high absorption rates and hugely effective health benefits for magnesium deficiencies, cementing the firm’s status as a leading UK deliverer of supplements. Company: ITL Health Contact: Lynae Morningstar Website: