Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

10 GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards , everylife Most Empowering Life Coach 2020: Kate Gare Award-winning resilience and transformation coach, Kate Gare, is on amission to support women to thrive, nomatter what happens. She tells us more about howher unique approach to complete empowerment has transformed the lives of over a 1000 clients. And how she intends to support the next 1000! A burnout and resilience expert, Kate Gare founded everylife in 2007 and is the creator of the life-changing Live Powerfully Programme. She has co-authored a number one bestseller and is one of the world’s most experienced Lightning Process practitioners and a HeartMath coach. Using proven methods, including the science of the mind-body connection, neuroscience, and positive psychology approaches Kate empowers her clients to live a life they love. “I can see such a change in myself; behaviours which were commonplace and that caused me significant pain, no longer burden me. I know when to recognise my patterns and I have a plan in place. I feel confident, proud, and excited about my future. Kate has enabled me to maximise my potential and I feel changed forever.” - Gabrielle, Nutritional Therapist. Kate’s clients are typically successful women who have had enough of just coping. They might feel tired all the time, finding it harder to perform at their best at work or home, over-burdened, have imposter-syndrome, increasingly self-critical or secretly feel sad that they aren’t living a life they love. They have been ignoring the warning signs for too long and they may even be on the edge of burnout. Oct20606 Often you would not know this to look at them. In fact, they may not even realise it themselves. Kate supports them to bounce back, leading them to an empowered life, where they have choice and influence over their lives and are able to flourish, regardless of the challenges they face. “I was at my wits end, and pretty resigned to the fact that this was going to be my lot for the rest of my life. But, WOW, what a difference! I’ve noticed massive changes in how I am, and I’m doing so much more positivity, calmness and energy.” Anonymous, CEO Besides Kate’s extensive professional experience, perhaps what sets her apart from many of the other great coaches out there is that she has as exceptional understanding of her clients’ difficulties. Fatigue, burnout, and trauma have shaped her own personal and professional journey, and this helps inform her approach to supporting her clients. Kate embodies what she teaches and draws on her experiences, in-depth training, and nearly 15 years in her clinical practice to support others to transform their lives. “I’ve learned so much and now know I have the power to influence my health. I feel so excited about the future! I finally have my life back. Thank you!” Erica, Senior Civil Servant. Kate continuously researches the latest scientific insights into neuroplasticity, and how we can harness our mind’s power for optimum happiness and wellbeing. She innovatively links the best of therapy, coaching, NLP, mindfulness, positive psychology, the science of happiness and wellbeing, and the mind-body connection, with her methods as a life coach, resilience practitioner and HeartMath coach. This enables Kate to tailor her practice and personalise it for every client. There is no “one size fits all” approach because we are unique and experience life differently. As for the future, Kate will be continuing her signature one- to-one coaching and will launch the everylife ‘Resilience’ online course in early 2021. The book Kate has co-authored, ” Energy – How to Unleash Your Inner Fire ” was published in November 2020 – making it to number one on the Amazon bestsellers list. Kate loves how the digital world enables the global sharing of insights and information that can empower women around the world to take charge of their lives and step into their own personal power. No matter where someone is based in the world, Kate’s knowledge and professional expertise is available to educate, guide, and motivate. It is Kate’s aim to reach and empower even more women, encouraging them to take charge of their lives, to leave behind all the stuff that no longer serves them, and to live a life where they can thrive in all areas. As Kate says: “Challenges happen in life, that is one of the few certainties, yet the human capacity for resilience is amazing. And if we give ourselves time and space to grow strong, we can choose to respond in a transformational way. I want to inspire people to make those changes now.” Contact: Kate Gare LinkedIn: kategare Company: everylife Web Address: