Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards 11 , Oz Medicann Group Pty Ltd Best Hemp Health & Wellness Company - Asia Pacific OzMedicannGroup is anAustralianMedicinal Cannabis andHempHealth andWellness companywhich is focused on providing innovation solutions to patients and health conscious consumers. Recently, we caught upwith the company’s founder about its unique products and the changing attitude towardsmedicinal cannabis. The Oz Medicann Group comprises Oz Medicann Pharma (a medicinal cannabis company), Educann (an education company focusing on educating patients and health care workers on the Endocannoibd system and the benefits of cannabis), and Hemp Oz (a health and wellness company that produces premium Hemp, CBD, consumables and therapeutic products). All products are designed around function and are backed by evidence as John Leith, the company founder, embellishes. “We believe there’s a better way to make healthier products and therapeutics- where curiosity is essential and good-for-you is a must. Made with all-natural ingredients and a raw (cheeky but nice) personality. Our products, consumables and therapeutics are functional by nature not merely by name.” The firm was incepted following John’s Diabetes Type 2 diagnosis and, as a social entrepreneur, he is the first to admit that he never imagined himself at the forefront of a medical cannabis and hemp business. The shock Diabetes diagnosis forced him to re-evaluate his lifestyle choices and make a change or risk succumbing to a career-ending chronic illness. This, coupled with John’s personal family experience with medical cannabis, led him to reconsider his future and redirect his energies into supporting Oct20089 others in their search for alternative, affordable treatments that had the potential to improve their quality of life. He embarked on a journey to explore how he could make access to Medical Cannabis simple and affordable for patients and make a difference in the lives of others. “The timing in Australia was perfect,” John states. “Medical cannabis had just been legalised and the government were encouraging Australian companies to apply for a licence to become cultivators, manufacturers and distributors as well as to undertake research in Medical Cannabis.” This was just the start: The more John learned about the health and wellness benefits of hemp and cannabis, the more he realised he needed to spread the word and that he could make a profound difference for others, and in March 2017, Oz Medicann was born. As a new industry sector in the APAC region it has been important for the company to follow the developments both regionally and internationally. The hemp and cannabis industry is a fast -rowing and ever-changing industry, with consumers in the sector having high expectations when it comes to products that fit the health and wellness category. “We find that there has been a shift in consumer expectations and a realignment of the fitness and nutrition sector to be much more focused around health and wellness and the identification of products that deliver function and health benefits. Educated health conscious consumers are looking for evidence and efficacy around the products that they purchase. “When Hemp became legal in Australia in November 2017, we found that there was great confusion around the legal aspects of consuming hemp and medicinal cannabis hence we developed our trademarked tag line ‘Chill it’s Legal’ which has become synonymous with our products.” Like many businesses in the health and wellness space the closure of businesses across Australia particularly in the retail and hospitality space meant the closure of a number of the firm’s retail customers, however Hemp Oz was in an enviable position as within its product offering there are several products known to boost immunity. In addition, the company also had several products in development that were designed to support the immune system. As a result of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns, Oz Medicann was able to focus on business development and progress its research initiatives. With regards to the future, John and the team are excited about the opportunities that have been created with the changing regulation and increased research. In early 2021, the Hemp Oz brand will be launched in the UK and European markets, with products that are uniquely Australian, whilst the firm continues to develop strategic global partnerships with like-minded organisations who believe in efficacy and evidence in support of product development. “As an organisation committed to evidence based, we are thrilled to be embarking on the next phase of our research which will be focused around the complications of Type 2 Diabetes and the role cannabis can play as a treatment. We will commence this exciting project early in 2021.” Contact: John Leith Company: Oz Medicann Group Pty Ltd Web Address: