Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

16 GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards , Best Injury Rehabilitation Clinic - Greater Manchester Situated in Bolton, Jonathan Collier Injury Rehabilitation is a sports injury clinic. Recently, we caught up with Jonathan Collier to find out more about his business and howhe has established a reputation for being one of the best injury rehabilitation clinics in Greater Manchester today. As a multi-award- winning therapist, Jonathan Collier aims to right the wrongs of modern rehabilitation with a traditional and honest approach. To begin, Jonathan provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical client base. “My business is a sports injury clinic which aims to provide services for whoever may require it, whether that be an elderly person just wanting to continue about their daily tasks or an elite athlete looking to compete on the highest stage. This is achieved by bringing together the experience of working with professional sportsmen and women and adapting that in a way that it becomes functional to everyday people. Each person who comes through the door is different in their own way so their rehabilitation and treatment should always complement this.” Prior to establishing his own practice Jonathan worked with professional sports teams and as he goes on to explain, its these experiences which have helped shape the treatments he is able to offer today. “At the beginning of my career I worked with the Wigan Warriors Rugby League academy and assisted the first team. It was around this time I decided I wanted to work more within private practices around five years ago. This sporting experience definitely shaped my approach to treatment and rehabilitation, bringing the knowledge I gained during that time to recreational athletes and everyday people. Very recently, alongside two other very well-established clinics in the area, I have teamed up to open a new clinic together called “Injury Mechanics”. The whole idea behind this clinic is to treat everyone as a professional athlete would expect to be treated. Naturally, our endeavour with this is to continuously grow throughout the coming months and years and provide exceptionally high-level rehabilitation techniques to the surrounding areas.” Since forming his own practice Jonathon has become well aware of what makes a successful business, and as a result through a constant will to improve his services clients continue to return for treatments. “A great asset to have is ambition. Ultimately, wanting to regularly better yourself and your work benefits every client who visits the clinic.” The outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year shook the industry to its knees with close contact services no longer available. However, as Jonathan explains further, he has still been able to operate by providing sessions online. “For some clients, the lockdown came at a particularly poor time for them, at times where the one-on-one contact and rehabilitation was critical. Physio quickly became an ‘online only’ service via zoom and other platforms to at least discuss and visually see clients’ progress. As expected, all sessions were set at a reduced fee, but it quickly became apparent to me that due to the unknown financial state some clients simply didn’t prioritise their health at that time. In the long run this would be detrimental to the progress of a lot of my clients, therefore in a way to give something back I provided these sessions for free. With time available, COVID-19 allowed me and my business partners time to work on “Injury Mechanics”, providing a more modern, streamlined service in accordance with the new guidelines.” Bringing the interview to a close, Jonathan discusses some of the developments he has noticed during the pandemic, before commenting on his future plans for the business in the years to come. Sep20880 “A lot of people set up home gyms and continue to train from home. Others took up running as a form of exercise and continued this habit post lockdown. This doesn’t change a great deal for us, but I am seeing a lot more overuse-type injuries due to the great change in routine and daily activities. A plus point of the lockdown was that people seemed to value their health a lot more and realised the importance of regular exercise and physical activity. This in turn has assisted me after each session with clients adhering more to the rehabilitation programmes. “Looking ahead, myself and the others involved in the “Injury Mechanics” project have some big plans in place and we’re looking forward to what the future holds!” Company: Jonathan Collier Injury Rehabilitation Contact: Jonathan Collier Web Address: