Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

18 GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards , Contact: Dr. Anna Huysse-Gaytandjieva Company: Psychotherapie Praktijk Limburg Web Address : Psychotherapie Praktijk Limburg Located in the Netherlands, Psychotherapie Praktijk Limburg is specialised in psychotherapy treatments to support people with their mental health. Psychotherapie Praktijk Limburg has clearly demonstrated the ability to create innovative services and concepts that provide customers with tailored, professional solutions to promote their personal health and development. As winners of Psychotherapy Practice of the Year 2020 for the Netherlands in GHP’s Fitness &Nutrition Awards, we wanted to discover more about the firmand how they are helping clients through the current pandemic. Good mental health whether that be emotional or psychological, are of huge importance as it helps us as individuals to enjoy life and cope with problems. Research shows that psychotherapy has a positive effect on both the brain and body, as well as improving our emotions and behaviour. Leading the way in this field is Dr. Anna Huysse-Gaytandjieva, Owner of Psychotherapie Praktijk Limburg. The practice specialises in psychological help for problems such as depression, anxiety and abuse. In using evidence-based knowledge and expertise, Dr Anna develops personalised treatment plans that specifically fit each client’s needs. The practice sees clients from all over the world including international students, foreign visitors and even Dutch individuals living abroad. ‘Finding a real connection with each patient is very important. For this the therapist neds to be eager to learn and explore and use their own experiences to be provide the best support. Empathy is the key’, highlighted Dr Anna. Sep201032 The current pandemic has only had a minor impact on the practice, with patients being offered online and blended psychotherapy as well as the traditional face-to-face sessions. Dr Anna expects that over time the demand for therapy is likely to increase as mental health issues rise due to social isolation and fear. “Coronavirus holds all the characteristics of trauma” Dr Anna explains, “there is huge uncertainty, a reduced sense of control which is combined with the inability to connect with those we care about.” Psychotherapie Praktijk Limburg further facilitates sparing time and customer empowerment with highly efficient procedures. This is of growing importance since dealing with the stressors in modern every-day life leave individuals with little time or energy to focus on prioritizing their physical and mental wellbeing. Psychotherapie Praktijk Limburg receives consistent positive feedback from patients. Dr Anna is also dedicated to supporting those who are at risk of developing inflammatory based psychiatric complaints and autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s disease. “Autoimmune disease is often only recognised when advanced and irreversible damage to tissues has occurred”, Dr Anna explains. “Early detection of subclinical cases is essential in order to prevent undesirable outcomes and slow down the progression of the disease.” Through a ground-breaking online platform, Autoimmunity Voice, it will be possible to screen individuals and offer early detection of the disease. Autoimmunity Voice has been designed to improve the quality of care and to reach a better understanding of the disease. Through a range of solutions Dr Anna and Psychotherapie Praktijk Limburg are forever dedicated to increasing the awareness and importance of health and wellbeing. Looking to the future, Dr Anna wants to keep the practice small, but continue to put all of efforts into working with patients to improve their health and wellbeing and transform their lives for the better. “Our main values are: Commitment, Empathy, Adaptation and Growth” Psychotherapy Practice of the Year 2020 – Netherlands “Coronavirus holds all the characteristics of trauma” Dr Anna explains, “there is huge uncertainty, a reduced sense of control which is combined with the inability to connect with those we care about.”