Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards 19 , Best Personal Trainer Client Administration Platform: Gymmio Gymmio is an innovative Danish fitness software, created for personal trainers and online coaches to grow their business and manage their clients. As winners of Best Personal Trainer Client Administration Platform in this year’s Fitness & Nutrition Awards, we wanted to learn more about Gymmio and what has led to its success in such a highly competitive market. The fitness industry has seen exponential growth in recent years; however, the prolonged effects of Covid-19 have had a huge impact on businesses such as gyms, health clubs and personal trainers across the world. Now, the need to embrace technology is at an all-time high and the crisis has given digital platforms the opportunity to shine. Leading the way in fitness technology is Gymmio, an all-in-one fitness tool created for personal trainers and fitness coaches. With a great range of features, the platform allows trainers to manage their existing clients with real-time messaging, personalised workouts, meal plans and progress tracking. The app is also a great way for personal trainers to build on their existing client base, as Gymmio allows its users to search for a personal trainer once a user has signed up for free. What makes Gymmio truly unique is that it is the only platform of its kind which allows users to download the app to start their fitness journey, and then connect with a personal trainer when it suits them. It also stores the user’s historical data, so even if Sep20818 they don’t have a contract with a trainer, they can pick back up on their training as and when they are ready to hire again. When Covid-19 hit earlier this year, we saw gyms and fitness clubs from around the world close their doors, with many people resorting to home workouts. Throughout the pandemic Gymmio has seen a huge increase in demand for the platform and has provided that critical sense of community between its users and its trainers. What is most admirable is that Gymmio offered a free six month membership to personal trainers to support them through the pandemic, which for many would have helped to save their business from closing. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Gymmio is working on some exciting new features to add to the platform over the coming months. Feedback is very important to Gymmio and ultimately drives the functionality of the platform to ensure it makes the personal trainers’ job easier and more enjoyable when working with their clients. Whatever the ‘new normal’ will be it is becoming increasingly clear that fitness technology will continue to thrive in a post- pandemic world. Self-care and personal health will continue to be of huge importance to many people and for Gymmio, this can only mean much deserved and continued success well into the future. Contact Details: Contact: Srdjan Lukic Company: GYMMIO ApS Web Address: GYMMIO ApS G Y M M I O G Y M M I O