Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

22 GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards , Oct20263 Mindful Eating For over 16 years, Michelle Sugiyama has enhanced the wellness of busy women, families, and employees at mid-sized to Fortune 100 companies by bridging the gap between knowing you should be healthy and actually doing it. Michelle Sugiyama engages, inspires, and empowers people to put themselves and their health first. While science-based, with a focus on the microbiome, she gives simple, effective, and practical tools so you can truly enjoy the golden half of life. To begin, Michelle provides a brief overview of Mindful Eating and discusses what has made the firm successful to date. “Inspired by my 101-year-old Grandma’s Mantra, “Health is #1”, I am extremely dedicated to bridging the gap between knowing you should be healthy and actually doing it. As a National Board Certified and Master Certified Health Coach, Nutritional Chef, International Speaker, and #1 Bestselling International Author, I continue to set the highest of standards. “By building strong relationships with compassion, reflective listening, and collaboration, Mindful Eating understands the unique needs of every single client. This quality empowers individuals and employees to make personal, practical, and effective choices for long lasting vitality and wellbeing. Through engaging corporate presentations, nutritional support, culinary expertise, and individualised wellness coaching, I have built a company that stands out in a highly competitive industry and is dedicated to positively supporting long-term change in the areas of weight loss, nutrition, stress, exercise, and disease prevention. “Donna, a stressed-out entrepreneur, was demoralised with her constant struggles with weight loss, dieting, and pre- diabetes. After developing trust and rapport, Donna confided that she always felt guilty about putting herself first and she was afraid to fail again. Since exercise was her first priority, we created a specific exercise plan that fit into her busy schedule which included realistic goals and accountability. Nutritional goals soon followed, and, within a few months, Donna was proud that she was consistently exercising, drinking more water, and enjoying healthy meals. By building a strong relationship, Donna increased her confidence and accomplished goals that eluded her in the past.” Prior to launching Mindful Eating Michelle spent 10 years working in the American corporate world. However, after struggling with unhealthy food choices, she soon realised changes had to be made to her lifestyle as she explains further. “Binge eating, being too tired to exercise, feeling frustrated, out of control, and unhappy, one day, I realised that my lifestyle would eventually kill me. After finding self-compassion and putting my health first, I shared these lessons with clients and began my journey as a Health & Wellness Coach. With empathy and collaboration, I work with clients to determine what skills and strategies fit best into their lifestyle, so they remain happy and in control after the relationship ends.” The outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year presented many challenges to businesses and in order to continue thriving, Mindful Eating started to operate virtually as Michelle goes on to explain. “Due to shelter in place, going 100% virtual has allowed us to make a positive impact around the world. At this unprecedented time, many people are scared, lonely, eating more, and moving less. In order to address the crisis, we offer seminars and individualised coaching that help participants rebuild health and nutrition skills.” Finally, Michelle discusses some of the developments we are seeing in the health and wellness industry, before outlining some of her plans for 2021 and beyond. “With so much information and disinformation regarding health and wellness, many people find themselves confused, overwhelmed or disappointed with results. Looking ahead I will be a contributor to an upcoming anthology as well as producing culinary videos and teaching live online classes. Additionally, I am excited about sharing ‘kitchen efficient’ skills and simple yet mouth-watering demonstrations to inspire viewers to get back in their kitchens to take control of their health.” Most Inspirational Health & Wellness Coach: Michelle Sugiyama & Award for Excellence in Wellness Education 2020 Contact Details: Contact: Michelle Sugiyama Email: m[email protected] Web: