Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards 29 , Sep201035 Best Sport & Physical Education Specialists - West Midlands Physical education plays a vital role in the development of youngminds and bodies, establishing routines and ways of working that can help to keep people fit and healthy. Their amazing success has been recognised in GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards, so we thought we’d take a look at Premier Active, a team committed to creating an environment in schools where PE is interesting, engaging and affordable. Many people hold fond memories of PE, but others recall long boring hours doing activities of little to no interest to them. In the short term, the result is simply an unengaged child, but in the long term, adults find that the lessons they should have learned at school aren’t available to them. With a generation that is amongst the least active, and where obesity is at an all-time high, it’s vital to establish good practice in the young. 50% of children in the UK simply don’t get the exercise that they need every day, which stops it becoming a habit that will stay with them long into their lives. The team at Premier Active work with over 100 primary and secondary schools, nurseries and organisations across the West Midlands. The team deliver interesting, engaging and exciting forms of physical activity, helping more than 20,000 children stay active every week. With over fifty types of activity to choose from, it’s little wonder that the team can tailor their approach to meet the needs of any client. Sometimes, the approach requested is a systematic change, wherein staff are trained by a professional and Premier Active experienced team. The aim is always to make physical activity and sport fun for all. In very short order, the team has become a market leader in the sports industry, channelling a passion for physical activity into making a real difference to the next generation. Whether it’s delivering a PE lesson or training staff through carefully designed development programmes, their work has an enormous impact when it comes to encouraging a lifelong consideration of healthy minds and bodies for children and all the family. The key to how Premier Active works has always been in the execution of its partnerships. Many organisations simply act as a service that can be used in the same way in many different circumstances. What makes Premier Active different is the way that the team responds enthusiastically to a new challenge. No matter what the situation, they are sure to find a way of moving forward that reaches people where they are and invites them on a journey that will last for the rest of their lives. It’s not just schools or larger organisations that benefit from this approach. The team at Premier Active have developed an impressive network of parents and families who share their passion for fitness. This has allowed the team to reach beyond regular hours and open up before and after school programmes and holiday camps. By making a healthy lifestyle something to be considered outside of school hours, it is far more likely to stick for a lifetime. There are many challenges facing today’s youth, but starting at the beginning is a sure-fire way of making a real difference. That’s why Premier Active have achieved such success, and are sure to do so for years to come. Contact: Ross Turner Email: [email protected] Website: